15 April 2014

Soul Charge - Oh god why...?

There are many anime cards that people want to see in reality, that's no secret.

But of all the anime cards, why did Konami made Soul Charge into a thing?

Soul Charge - The effect

Target any number of monsters in your Graveyard; Special Summon them, and if you do, you lose 1000 Life Points for each monster Special Summoned by this effect. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 "Soul Charge" per turn.

Cost vs gain

So basically, you lose your battle phase, can potentially lose up to 5000 lifepoints and gain a field full of monsters which you can spam Xyz, synchro's or fusions with. And if you pre-counter this card with a Trap Stun, your opponent can only wipe his tears as you take full control of the field. Busted does not even start to describe this card.

But I can hear your argument that it costs a lot of lifepoints and when used incorrect, it'll backfire (torrential tribute). Also, the loss of a battle phase prevents you from doing much damage during the same turn.

But is it worth that cost if you take full control of the field?

The answer to that is: "HELL YEAH!". Control is everything in this game!

In one turn, Dragon Rulers can suddenly have a field with Dragosacks, Felgrand and/or Big Eye, all out of thin air. Gladiator Beasts can pay 3000 LP to go into instant Heraklinos. Agents can get a field with Hyperions and Archlord Kristya. Evilswarm can turn this one card into a field full of hate. Harpies can continue spamming cards like Phantasmal Dragon and Chidori; Lv. 4 decks will be able to go into annoying rank 4s like S.H.Ark, Exciton Knight, Papilloperative, etc; Chaos Dragons can revive BLS and Chaos Sorcerer and banish the living hell of your field; and god forbid what Wind-up decks could do with this card! The possibilities are nearly endless!

Seriously, top decking this card and paying 1000 or 2000 LP basically can help you win the match! People were bitching about Monster Reborn topdecks or Rekinding topdecks, but at least those had its limits. This card just costs a few lifepoints and does so much more damage.

Oh, and did I mention the many (burn) OTK decks that will simply worship this card?

My thoughts

I think my rants make it quite clear. This card is bad news for the game. Cards like this should not exist in general.

Soul Charge will make the set like hotcakes, but you also know that this card isn't going to remain legal for a year (because it's such a broken card). So don't spend TOO much on it, it might become forbidden sooner than you think.

But it makes me wonder why Konami released such a card? The set is already fairly popular with half of the cards revealed and would already sell more than Number Hunters ever did. Did they really need a second Sixth Sense to make this a highly wanted set?

A slightly frustrated V out.

9 April 2014

Dragons of Legend, card by card (update 11/04)

In a few weeks, Dragons of Legend will become a fact. It's a set with 50 world-premiere cards from the anime that finally become a reality, together with 9 OCG promo's and 1 reprint (#quasarwaitinggame). That makes a set of 60 cards, which the whole world looks at in quite some anticipation.

But the question is, will the set live up to the buildup? That's a valid question, considering Number Hunters didn't quite deliver either (it only had a handful of good new cards).

So far, 27 cards have been revealed, either with or without a card effect.

The THREE Legendary Dragons... or at least one of them

Big Eye-catcher from day one is the reveal that Legendary Knight Timaeus will get a print, together with The Eye of Timaeus, Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight and Legend of Heart. All of these cards were Yugi's cards during the first Yu-Gi-Oh card game anime, in the Legendary Dragons/Doma Story Arc.

And while Legendary Knight Timaeus and Legend of Heart don't have their effect out yet, the other two do.

Legend of Heart is a Fusion card that fuses a Dark Magician (Girl) with basically nothing (lol), to turn into a Dark-Magician related Fusion. That could be DMG the Dragon Knight, but also classic fusions like Dark Flare Knight (lol, as if) and Dark Paladin (okay, now THAT is interesting).

Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight is a fusion of DMG with any Dragon (which is nice). Since it's a dragon, this means it's also a Dragon's Mirror target (always interesting). And the effect is quite decent as well. Once per turn, you can send a card from your hand to the grave to target/destroy 1 face-up card. Oh yeah, you can use that effect during your opponent's turn as well (lol, now that IS funny).

What about Critias and Hermos?

But with the reveal of the Timaeus cards, people obviously wonder what the other two Legendary Dragons will look like in this card game. My thoughts... don't get your hopes up. We might not even see them.

Before you start raging, think about it. HOW is Konami going to apply these fusions? Fuse a Dragon with a Trap Card (Critias)? Seriously? Do you honestly think a card like Doom Virus Dragon (a fusion between Critias and Crush Card Virus) could become reality? Lol, as if...

Unless obviously Hermos will become an Equip Spell Search card and they turn Hermos' fusions into regular equip spells (though seriously nerfed, probably).

Other interesting cards from the first trading card anime

  • Kuribandit: The talk of the day yesterday, was this brand-new Kuriboh-variant. It's a lv 3 fiend (Tour Guide target) that can be tributed when normal summoned to excavate the top 5 cards and add 1 excavated spell or trap to your hand (while the rest is sent to the grave). Interesting card for chaos-themed decks as a replacement for Card Trooper.
  • Ra's Disciple: While the anime version of this card added more of the same card to the hand when summoned (which is lame), the new effect will special summon them from the hand or deck (that IS interesting, with the drawback that you can only tribute them for an Egyptian God (to prevent abuse).
  • The effects are still unclear for Guardian Dreadscythe and Berserker Soul.
  • Quick Note: I'll update this section when more cards/effects are revealed.

Cards from the other animes (GX, 5D's, Zexal)

Quick Note: I'll update this section when more cards/effects are revealed.

From GX:

  • Mathematician: Thé reveal of last night. Mathematician is an interesting mix of Card Trooper and Armageddon Knight. It's a Lv 3 Earth Spellcaster that allows you to dump a lv. 4 or lower monster from your deck to the grave. And when it's destroyed by battle, you can draw 1 card. Oh, the shenanigans you can pull in Plant decks with this card. This already became one of the most wanted cards from this set.
  • Final Fusion: This is a wildcard trap. It can be extremely deadly when two fusion based decks face off vs each other. But in any other deck it's virtually useless. When two fusion monsters battle, both players take the total attack as damage.
  • Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone: Basically, this card is a search card for fusion spell cards, but it only works if you got a Winged Kuriboh in the graveyard. Oh, it also has a secondary effect of attack boost, but it's so unlikely to happen in a real duel it's not even worth mentioning.
  • Until now, we only know the anime effects for cards like Instan Fusion (GX) and Mound of the Bound Creator. More info will follow when available.

From 5D's:

  • Shooting Star: It's unconfirmed, but the hints given to us, point that this card will be unchanged from the anime. The effect is simple. If you control a Stardust Dragon, you can target/destroy 1 card your opponent controls.
  • Blackwing - Hurricane the Tornado: A Friday update from Japan. While unconfirmed, the hint text suggests that it keeps its original effect. Which is: When this card is summoned, it can copy the attack of a synchro monster on the field. So basically, it's a Blackwing variant of Copycat. Well, it's handy because it's a tuner as well. So if it gets Veilered or F-Chained, you can synchro further with it.
  • Until now, we only know the anime effect for cards like Black Sonic, BW Steam the Cloaked, Gate Blocker and Wiretap. More info will follow when available.

From Zexal:

  • Number C106: Giant Hand Red: This is the Chaos variant of the current YCS winner card. This is one of the 9 OCG promo's that are included in this set.
  • Fire Hand and Ice Hand: Both are Gilag's cards and were used to make Giant Hand (how handy that they're all named Hands). Both cards are a new form of searchers, where they basically search each other when destroyed (either by battle or card effect) and sent to the graveyard. How's that for field presence?
  • Magic Hand and Prominence Hand: The two other cards from Gilag were announced on April 10. They're not as great as the previous two, but they work in sync with them (so maybe we can see some "handy" decks in the future. Magic hand causes a searched card to be sent to the grave instead and do some burn damage (fun side against Prophecies). Prominence Hand on the other hand can be special summoned if you control any of the other "Hand" effect monsters (easy Xyz).
  • Until now, we only know the anime effect for Number C5: Chaos Chimera Dragon, Number C73 Abyss Supra, Rank-up Magic Quick Chaos and Rising Sun Slash. More info will follow when available.

Unconfirmed, but hinted or plausible cards

The following cards are unconfirmed, but have a decent chance of being in here. Let me explain why:

  • Number 73: Abyss Splash: With the Chaos variant in here, it would be weird that the original would NOT be in here. It's a card from the OCG Shark Duelist Pack and has a high chance of being 1 of the 9 OCG imports.
  • Number 94: Crystal Zero: Less likely than Abyss Splash, but since it's a Legendary Number like Abyss Splash, it would certainly fit in here.
  • Number 106: Giant Hand: There's one reprint announced. And seriously, with all the Hand cards getting a print, the situation calls for a reprint of this YCS Prize card (and thus change the price).
  • Number 5: Des Chimera Dragon: Des Chimera Dragon is a weird card, considering that its chaos number appeared in the anime, while the master card has never been shown. But since the Chaos Number is in here, there's a decent chance that the real number 5 will be in here as well.
  • Shooting Quasar Dragon: Because #quasarwaitinggame. Well, it is possible, considering it's a Legendary Dragon. But realistically speaking, it's not that likely since Shueisha hasn't shown any signs of exchanging the license of this card to Konami (you know, the whole reprint of Jump cards thing).
  • Electromagnetic Turtle: This is a recently released Anime card in the OCG and one of Yugi's frequently recurring monsters. Since this was used during the Legendary Dragons arc, it would make total sense if this card would be one of the 9 OCG promo's that are included.
  • Steam Synchron and Mono Synchron: These two 5D's anime cards were released in the Duelist Edition reprint sets in the OCG. I've been expecting them in the TCG for a long time now and they would fit nicely in this set as part of the 9 OCG promo's that are included.

Will we see this turtle this month? It might just be...


I'll keep this post updated when new information is released on the included cards.

Until next time, V out.


  • 10/04: Added Fire Hand and Ice Hand
  • 11/04: Added Magic Hand, Prominence Hand and BW - Hurricane the Tornado
  • 14/04: Added Philosopher's Stone

31 March 2014

Last day of the format and the Gold (series) Rush

It's the 31st of March, meaning it's the last day of the January format. April will be filled to the brim with YCS's to test out this new format and see what the new top decks are.

No, serious, I doubt there are that many months in a YGO year that have THREE YCS's. This weekend will have YCS Mexico City (Central America), Next weekend is YCS Las Vegas (US) and the 26th of April will be YCS Paris (Europe). Wow, they're really pushing the last YCS's before the Nationals (World Championship Qualifier) period begins in May (or end of April).

And I think everybody will be curious about what decks will top. Are Mermails still thé deck to beat? Can Fire Fists gain tops with only 1 Wolfbark? Will Geargia-style decks dominate everything? Will any new card from Premium Gold actually matter in this new format?

Everybody participates in the Gold Rush!

I think Premium Gold is one of the best-selling sets in Yugioh ever. And is there any reason to think otherwise, honestly?

A pack of premium Gold basically pays for itself. More than 50% of the cards are worth more than €1$, so the chance of you earning the invested money back is close to 100% (unless you have bad luck and pull shitty cards like Utopia Buster and Golld, Wu-Lord of DW). Cards like Effect Veiler, Forbidden Lance, the Egyptian Gods, DAD, DMG, Solar Recharge and Fire Fist Tiger King are great bling reprints that are actually worth some money. And there are some interesting new cards, like Ghost of a Grudge and Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons.

And it shows that this set is very interesting. On Saturdays, two days after the set could be sold legally in Europe, lots of shops were already out of stock and some were already unable to order any new ones. I've never seen a YGO product sell this fast since Battle Pack 1 (remember, with the rush on Tour Guides, Lances, Keepers and F-Chains?).

Most interesting new cards from Premium Gold?

Without a doubt the most interesting one is Beelze. Beelzebub is a Philistine deity who's also nicknamed Lord of the Flies and... oh, wait that's another Beelze... ahem.

Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons is one of the best Lv 8 synchro's out there who's VERY hard to get rid off. It can't be destroyed, and when you take battle damage in attacks involving this card or by card effect (like Gagaga Cowboy), it gains that damage as an attack bonus. This seems like a new key card for Infernities, but I think we'll see it a lot in other decks as well.

Another very interesting card is Ghost of a Grudge. The moment your opponent has 8 (or more) cards in his grave, you can turn the attack of all your opponent's current monsters to 0... permanently. Your opponent spams a field full of Mermails? They can't do much if they're all 0-attack monsters. Reptilliane Vaskii has never been this happy before.

Oh, an important ruling you'll probably wonder: Yes, you can activate it during the damage step, but not during damage calculation. Be sure to time it correctly if you want to use it!

A somewhat underestimated card is Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon. It's a Dragon's Mirror target in Zombie decks! It's a 3000-beatstick that does not destroy the opponent's monsters, but reduces them to a mere 0-attack monster, while also summoning a token on your side of the field (zombie spam decks anyone?).

Another understimated card is Nr 82: Heartlandraco. While you control a face-up spell card (like a field spell, or continuous spell), this card can't be targetted for an attack (which can cause deadlocks if used correctly). Also, this card can attack your opponent directly (for a 2000-beater that's a VERY nice feature).

And then we have some nice support for the Gimmick Puppets, like Dreary Doll, magnet Doll, Junk Puppet, Humpty Dumpty and Human Centip... err, Shadow Feeler (thank god they made the art less disturbing in tcg). Also, the Chaos versions of the Gimmick Puppets are released, making the RUM-version of Gimmick Puppets very playable in real-life

And last, but not least, a few of the missing key cards in the pure Chronomaly deck are released, namely Tula Guardian and City Babylon. Now only Nebra Disk and Fort Hyuk are missing to make this deck really competitive.

The rest of the new cards are nice for collectors (the Duel Dragons and Numbers), or are just plain bad (because everybody wanted Big Belly Knight and Utopia Buster, right?).


I'm very curious as to how these new cards will affect the meta. Nobody really knows atm, since Beelze and Ghost of a Grudge are also brand new in the OCG (released about the same time) and they're also entering a new format.

On a side-note: Yes, I realize I'm posting less than usual in the past months. But that's because I'm busy on a different "project". More on that in May (probably the end of May, but it may be sooner).

Until next time, V out.

20 March 2014

The April 1st TCG Forbidden and Limited List - What the...?

So, it's finally upon us, the new list in here. But serious, what the hell's with the Jar-hate?

The Changes

Newly forbidden:

  • Morphing Jar (from limited)
  • Morphing Jar #2 (from unlimited)

Newly limited:

  • Coach Soldier Wolfbark (from unlimited)
  • Mermail Abyssgunde (from unlimited)
  • Rekindling (from unlimited)
  • Infernity Barrier (from unlimited)

Newly semi-limited:

  • Necroface (from limited)
  • Hieratic Seal of Convocation (from unlimited)

Newly unlimited:

  • Magical Stone Excavation (from Semi-Limited)
  • Primal Seed (from Limited)

The decks that are hit

  1. Empty Jar: Not really a competitive deck atm, but with its key cards gone, it's totally dead now.
  2. Fire Fist: With Wolfbark (and Rekindling) Limited, it's up to the Fisters (wait, that sounds too wrong) to make a new mix between 3 and 4-axis (Dragon will return).
  3. Fire Kings/Laval/Flamvell: These three decks kind of relied on Rekindling as a finishing card. We saw an occasional Fire King or Laval deck top in regionals from time to time; but I guess those times are over now.
  4. Mermail: While I was initially disappointed that those 2 spam cards (Steuss & Sphere) weren't hit, Gunde is a hit that's about just as good. Three Monster Reborns in the deck was kind of a lot. But while I expected the Fishes to be butchered, they're still allowed to play on the top tables.
  5. Hieratic DRuler: Called it. Though I kind of expected to see Atum return to 2 as well. Oh well, we'll see if people will still play that dreadfully awkward deck.
  6. Infernity: One of the most busted counter traps in the game limited? I can only applaud that choice.

My initial reaction

10 changes is small, but with a list-frequency like this, that's kind of to be predicted. Why the hell is this list until half of July? That's such a random date (unless all continental championships are held just before this date, that would kind of make sense).

But what's with the Jar-hate here? It's been ages since I've seen anyone play those cards (safe a random Jar #2 in the side-deck). So why make them forbidden? That's just an overzealous hit towards "annoying" decks (in this case, Empty Jar) and potential OTK enablers (Jackpot 7 works better with the Dark Scorpian Burglars anyway).

The other hits can be classified as predictable (Wolfbark, Convocation, Stone Excavation), (surprisingly) good hits (Abyssgunde, Rekindling, Infernity Barrier) and a few surprises (the return of Necroface and Primal Seed). Not that 2 Necrofaces or three Primal Seeds will do much...

That's it for now. V is going to cheer up a sad jar.

"All these hits make me
a saaaaaaad jar."

13 March 2014

Next European YCS, European Gold Series size debacle and Dark Strike Fighter's return?

I wanted to do a post about Dark Strike Fighter's (possible) return from the forbidden list, but a few extra news flashes came in, so I'll discuss it all!

Next European YCS is kind of hidden

This morning, I glanced over some of the massive updates on The Organisation (ironically, they need to organize that site a little more, those many updates make the news too scattered) an noticed the following link.


So my complaint last time, about not knowing what the last European YCS will be before Nationals season finally resulted in something, even though it's kind of weird.

Due to "internal circumstances" (I guess, it's a "don't ask, we won't tell" situation), the news cannot be published on yugioh-card.com, so all we have is a date at the moment. No venue, no further details. It's been 3 years since the previous YCS in Paris, so I guess many people will be glad to return to the city of Lights.

I'll post more details when they're published online.

Debacle on Premium Gold pack size

So a while ago, a picture was released, revealing that the French edition of Premium gold would have 10 cards, instead of the 15 card-pack in the US. Many Europeans were displeased with this difference in size, considering pre-order prices were based on the price of the US version (which would mean Europeans once again pay more for their cards).

Then, suddenly, yesterday the product page for the UK variant of Premium Gold was published, revealing that the UK variant ALSO has 15 cards.

This makes the situation very weird. Personally this makes me think that the picture of the French edition is a troll/fake, because it would be extremely weird that there's a difference in pack size within the same continent (especially since those cards/packs are created in the same factory).

If true, it would also create weird situations in Belgian shops, were they sell both the French and English cards. Uninformed shop personal will be confused as hell when people ask for Premium gold.

I guess all will be revealed when the product pages for the other languages are updated.

Draft picture or a troll/fake, that's what I call it.

Oh, and for a prediction on what new cards will be in there? Most probably the 3 OCG exclusive Gold Series cards and the cards from Premium Pack 15 and 16 (the "Premium" stands for something, you know).

Dark Strike Fighter returns?

The main point of controversy yesterday on the internet and facebook was the possible return of Dark Strike Fighter (DSF)... since it will receive an errata in the OCG, similar to the errata of Catapult Turtle.

What errata, you might ask? Well, both Catapult Turtle and Dark Strike Fighter can now only activate their effect Once per turn (previously unlimited amounts of times per turn, making DSF broken as f**k).

And if you think "Oh, this is only OCG. Nobody knows if it will be the same in TCG", you're wrong. The Yugioh Card Database already confirmed the change in TCG for Catapult Turtle. So it's only a matter of time before DSF will follow.

So, what do you guys think of a possible return of Dark Strike Fighter? Are you hoarding your DSF's already? Will it become thé Lv 7 synchro that everybody puts in their extra deck?

Take a long look at them. They will no longer be unlimited times per turn.

Well, that's it for now. Until next time, V out.

5 March 2014

January-March 2014 format analysis

We're already March! Darn, the time just flies by. And this seems to be one of the shortest formats we ever had in the TCG. By the end of this month, a new F&L list will appear. I presume we'll see the spoiler of this list by the end of next week.

So considering this format is about to end in a few weeks time, it's time to look back at what decks were great and what's going to get hit.

The top tier decks and their most probable hits

When you look back at the big events of the past few months (YCS Sydney, YCS Atlanta, a few ARG opens, a few qualifiers and YCS Berlin), it's easy to determine what the top decks of the current format are. Karakuri (with or without Geargia), Mermails and Fire Fist.

Fire Fist

Fire Fists have been the most prominent deck. No matter what tournament you attended, most people were playing with the Fire Bros. People still try to divide them between the 3- and 4-axis, but seriously, it's been such ragtag combination, that I'm just going to call it "Fire Fists".

No matter what version of the deck that was played, the common ground was: 3 Bears, 3 Wolfbarks and 3 Tenki's. And that's where we have our three most likely candidates to get hit on the F&L list.

But we have to keep in mind that Konami will still be trying to promote Bujins (another Beast Warrior style deck). So if you keep in mind that the average Bujin deck plays Tenki's and Bears, that kind of leaves Wolfbark as the Single Elimination target. If they get hit, Bear and/or Tenki will get Semi-Limited at most.

Thus my prediction: Fire Formation Tenki will become semi-limited again (never should've returned to unlimited) and Coach Soldier Wolfbark will become limited.


The deck got out of the loop for a while due to the popularity of Fire Fists, Geargia's and the attempt to make Hieratic DRuler a thing. But Patrick Hoban showed everyone that Mermail is still one of the best decks of the format (and the sheep followed their goblinish shepherd).

And while it's good to see the deck can still succeed with only 1 Dragoon and 2 Diva's, I think we can all agree that the TCG needs to adopt the OCG hits.

In other words, my prediction: Mermail Abyssteus Limited & Abyss-Sphere Limited.

Yes, I realize that these hits will kill the deck; but honestly: do you see any Reason why Konami would keep this deck alive for more than a year?

Karakuri (solo or with Geargia)

Karakuri's were an OTK deck that always kinda flew under the radar. It barely scraped some hits in a top-x. But with DRulers gone this format, it was the moment of the machines to shine. DSummon won YCS Sydney with Karakuri's solo. Many other players topped with either Tele-Karakuri or Geargia Karakuri.

We have to keep in mind that Konami doesn't like that "old" decks win, but rather tries to sell their new stuff. Also keep in mind that in the next few months/year more Geargia support is going to come out. What do you think Konami will do? Yes, they'll cut the strings from the puppets.

So how do you hit this OTK deck? Well, players stated that they only "need" 2 Burei's and 1 Bureido. But if you hit one of the two, you know players will alter the build to focus more on the other one. Solution: hit both synchro's.

My predictions: Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 Burei & Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00x "Bureido" limited and (optionally) Geargiagear Semi-limited.

No more "Hobaning"

If there was one thing that should've bothered Konami to hell, it' the "Hobaning" hype. "Put 3 Upstart Goblins and 3 Reckless Greed in everything!" has truly been thé hype of the past format.

But since not everybody liked Reckless Greed, the sheep followed mostly with Goblins alone. As you know that such deck choices are not welcomed by Konami, guess what might happen at the end of March:

My prediction: Upstart Goblin Limited; Reckless Greed Semi-Limited.

Less likely hits

Hieratic DRulers: The over-hyped deck of the format. Granted, it can steal some tops in several big tournaments. But the most that can happen to this deck is the return of the previous hits to Hieratics: Convocation Semi-Limited & Hieratic Dragun King of Atum semi-limited.

Spellbooks: Fate being hit to 1 hurt the deck. But it can still take a few top spots. It's less likely that they will get hit again, but if they would get hit, it's going to be a semi-limit on Spellbook of Secrets. Hitting Spellbook Magician remains silly (since it's a 500-attack nitwit).

SHARK and "Extinction" Knight: The latest set included some of the most overpowered Xyz to date, Nr. 101: Silent Honor ARK and Evilswarm Exciton Knight. S.H.ARK is an amazing come-back card, able to get rid of annoying XYZ or synchro's. Exciton Knight however, just promotes bad playing... and Infernity players together with it. While it's very likely that these two cards will get hit in the future, I sincerely doubt they'll limit and/or ban (respectively) them two months after they were released.

Any returns?

Magician of Faith will follow the Tsukuyomi path, so she will become semi-limited again.

Reasoning is unlimited in OCG and I don't see any reason why TCG should not follow. Nobody plays the card.

I don't want to see this happening, but with all the Sylvan support, Konami might make Lonefire Blossom Unlimited again. If they really want to push the deck, they will do it. But I know that nobody (safe the plant players) will like it. :-/

The next format

If these changes will be applied, there will be a weird new format coming. Each month, new cards will be released. Heck, even brand-new World Premiere Cards will be released. And that makes it kind of hard to predict how those cards will influence the game (if they have any influence at all).

End of this month will be the new Gold Series, with lots of new cards. End of April will be Dragons of Legends, completely filled with new (unknown) cards. May will have Primal Origins and June will have the unknown GX-themed Structure Deck (HERO or Lightsworn?).

One thing I DO know is that from May onward (Primal Origins), Madolche and Artifacts will be two of the most prominent decks. Anything else is as clear as muddy water.

Those are my thoughts for now. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments.

Until next time, V out.

25 February 2014

YCS Berlin - Alpay Engin wins with Mermails

Wow, this YCS kind of went under-the-radar for me. Totally missed the judge calls and there were hardly any big announcements made for it (only the Giant Cards and that's kind of "meh" in my eyes).

So as you might have guessed, I wasn't at YCS Berlin (I was at a Regional Qualifier, for shits and giggles mostly). But 1204 other people were present in Berlin (German YCS's always have over 1000 people attending as it appears).

I won't spend too much time talking about it. The coverage can be seen on the Konami coverage webpages.

Top 32 - Decks used and decklists (if available)

Note: The decknames in bold are links to the respective deck list.

  • Alpay Engin (1st) - Mermail
  • Besnik Kajtazi (2nd) - Mermail
  • Matthew Mills (top 4) - Fire Fist
  • Aris Samaras (top 4) - Geargia Karakuri
  • Mattia Graziuso (top 8) - Fire Fist
  • Luigi Alici (top 8) - Fire Fist
  • Ole Wegner (top 8) - Hieratic D.Rulers
  • Björn C. Schulze (top 8) - Chain Burn
  • Nico Tummler (top 16) - Unknown?
  • Florian Hofmann (top 16) - Chain Burn
  • Joshua Schmidt (top 16) - Mermail
  • Dilan Demongeot (top 16) - Mermail
  • Eric Fehr (top 16) - Fire Fist
  • Stefano Memoli (top 16) - Mermail
  • Benjamin Lin (top 16) - Infernity
  • Andrea Giacobone (top 16) - Hieratic D. Ruler
  • Anthony Tutu (top 32) - Mermail
  • Carl Manigat (top 32) - Hieratic D.Ruler
  • Marcel Burri (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Max Hanuschik (top 32) - Infernity
  • Kim Just Jensen (top 32) - Mermail
  • Baran Tekin (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Federico Zoppini (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Oliver König (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Emre Kizilates (top 32) - Evilswarm
  • Kimonas Tsitsiridis (top 32) - Inzektors
  • Michael Ciplak (top 32) - Fire Kings
  • Merlin Schumacher (top 32) - Fire Kings
  • Tom Tubbax (top 32) - Fire Fist
  • Giorgio Gallo (top 32) - Unknown?
  • Eugen Heidt (top 32) - Unknown?
  • Niels Kühnberger (top 32) - Fire Fist

Note: 16/32 are available at the moment. Language barriers and a lack of European "yugitubers" that do deck profiles (Lithium and Duelrock88 are about the only ones) cause this low amount. Any decklists, fixes (or the name of those three missing decks) is always welcome in the comments.

More decklists will be added if I find them (or when provided).

My opinion

Well, with all those recent tops and victories, Alpay Engin appears to be thé European Yu-Gi-Oh star to beat! And Mermails is still one of the best decks of the format (as Goblin Hoban has proven in the US).

It surprised me a little that two Chain Burn decks were able top make top 16 (yeah, that chain burn deck that everybody hates). But then again; this is a good format for Chain Burn and Germans are known to like Chain Burn more than other countries (reference: See last year's German Nationals).

For the rest, it is known that Mermail and Fire Fist are thé decks of this format and thus will get hit at the end of March. Hits on Abyss-Sphere and Abyssteus (similar to the OCG) seem very real at this point and Tenki... never should've returned to three.

Future European Events

Information on all future European events is... on hold. And this is very weird, considering Konami-EU is usually very open about it (and very fast).

We know there's supposed to be one more European YCS before the nationals season start in May (but where or when?).

Neither do we know when the nationals are being held (though I suspect that information should come in very soon). And we still don't have much information on the European Championship (only that it's going to be in Amsterdam - Netherlands).

And that while there's lots of information on the upcoming US events and NA Qualifier. This reverse situation (compared to all previous years) is very weird and makes me wonder what's going on in the KDE-EU office.

Well, that's enough from me now. Until later, V out.