20 January 2014

DSummon wins YCS Sydney + decklists

For those that haven't heard yet, YCS Sydney happened last weekend, with well over 750 people attending (821 as pointed out in the comments :-P ). It was the first Oceanean YCS and thus an amount of attendees to be proud of.

An obvious way to lure in people was the Dark Magician Girl playmat. And ironically, Konami didn't have enough of the lure-mats. Can't blame them though, as the highest amount of attendees at an Aussie event was 300 up until now and having to destroy hundreds of leftover DMG playmats would be such a waste. But back on case; the overseas attendees all got a mat and the locals got a sort of voucher, so that they could pick up the mats when they were reprinted.

Konami did coverage and so did DSummon (of Duelingdays blog & Yugioh Edition Singapore Facebook page). DSummmon was attending his first YCS (as an OCG player) and... he ended up winning it all (lol). And how else could the Machine Master win a YCS than with a Machine deck... Karakuri's.

Hence, all information from the tournament I'm providing (that ANYBODY is providing, safe Konami), all comes from DSummon (and his buddy Jeff probably too). Therefore, if you want the full "mass" of information he provided, check the YCS Sydney event page, Yugioh Edition Singapore (YES) and High Level Gaming (HLG) facebook groups.

Also, there's Konami's coverage blog, but due to technical problems and an undermanned blogging staff the amount of articles was a little less than usual (also published half a day after the event). Still, you can read it over here.


If you want to see pictures and whatnot, click the previous links. But since Facebook can make it look very disorganized, I'll list the decklists for you in a nice table. All credits for it go to DSummon.

Name Place/Top Deck Played Decklist
Anders Koh (DSummon) 1st Place Karakuri Available on YES
Christopher Welsh 2nd Place Fire Fist Available on HLG
Jono Ritzau 3rd Place Fire Fist Available on HLG
Adrian Cilmi 4th place Prophecies Available on HLG and ARG
Liam Fardell Top 8 Geargia Karakuri N.A.
Gareth Murphy Top 8 Prophecies Available on HLG and ARG
Hamish Poole Top 8 Fire Fists Available on HLG
Joshua Duce Top 16 Prophecies Available on HLG
Leonard Dunne Top 16 Anti-meta Fire Fist Available on HLG
Christopher Giang Top 16 Harpie Lady Available on HLG
Tom Labonne Top 16 Mermail Available on HLG
Ryan Nelson Top 16 Fire Fists Part 1 and part 2 on HLG
Dennis Nguyen Top 16 Fire Fists Available on youtube - Team Flelf
Jan Sing Top 16 Mermail Available on HLG
Timothy Chiew Top 32 Fire Fist Available on HLG
Dominic Italiano Top 32 Geargia Karakuri Available on youtube - Team Flyfang
Tom Kralj Top 32 Hunder Family Available on HLG
Nathan Kosc Top 32 Mermail Available on HLG
Jimmy Lam Top 32 Fire Fists Available on HLG
James Moore Top 32 Inzektor Available on HLG
Ben Newland Top 32 Fire Fist Available on HLG
Christopher Short Top 32 Fire Fists Available on HLG
Chester Sword Top 32 Fire Fists Available on HLG

Update: Got 22/32 decklists.

More will be added if I notice them ;-) .

Meanwhile in the US... Fire Fists conquers ARG Open Nashville

On the other side of the ocean, we had another ARG Open, the first of this new format. In that tournament, Dalton Bousman won with his Fire Fist deck, with Carl Manigat in second place with Prophecies.

For the top 16 decklists, check their coverage.

Noteworthy here, is 4 people topped with yet another new variant of DRulers, Hieratic DRuler (sigh).


I knew that Australians were big Fire Bros, but the amount of topping Fire Bros topping is just ridiculous. And while I feel this is a single-sided opinion (since not all topped decks have been published online yet), I feel that the remaining decklist slots will be mostly Fire bros as well (I so hope I'm wrong, though).

On a side-note, the two missing top-8 decks are (from what I heard) a Karakuri deck and another Fire Fist deck.

First Upcoming big events

  • February 01 + 02: YCS Atlanta, GA (US)
  • February 08 + 09: ARG Circuit - Charlotte, NC (US)
  • February 22 + 23: YCS Berlin (Germany)
  • March 08 + 09: YCS Sao Polo (Brazil)
  • April 05 + 06: YCS Mexico D.F. (Mexico)
  • April 12 + 13: YCS Las Vegas, NV (US)

YCS Atlanta will be the first big event with Legacy legal; and the Cyber Dragon SD will be either played first in the ARG Charlotte, or YCS Berlin (depending on whether or not they're allowing it in its "opening weekend".

Note: I'm not updating further than April, because ARG will probably update their calendar as well and there might be another European YCS before the Nationals season starts.

That's it for now, V out.


  1. I thought 821?

    In the featured match article Scott Miller say DSummon bested 820 other duelists

    1. It does indeed... I got the wrong number from vexacus, while I should've known better :-P
      Thanks for the fix ;-)

    2. Wasnt exactly a wrong number, cause there were some issues and some people who pre-registered were not registered somehow in the first round. So initially was announced as 769, final confirmed number was 821.

      And yup, there was another Karakuri which was at top 8, though it was Geargia karakuri. Hope it helps~

    3. Dsummon bested 820 other duelists.

      Keyword : other

      Implications > Dsummon is not counted in said mentioned 820

      820+1 = 821

      Hope,this,clears it up :)

  2. I made a mistake , Chester should be top 32 and troy labonne should be top 16, sorry , must have mix up all the info !

  3. Also ty for making it look organized haha (y)