12 November 2013

Battle Pack 2 Round 2 and Star Pack

There have been a few updates which I wanted to share with you.

Star Pack 2

First up is the announcement that 2014 will have another Star pack, because SP1 was a huge success [/sarcasm]. The new one will contain another few US-only cards from manga's and Jump.

But in reality, it's only the less good cards we see reprinted in here, together with a bunch of random reprints of less good cards. So don't expect reprints of cards like Big Eye or Quasar dragon in here. I think we would be very lucky if even Blackship of Corn would make it here.

Cards I expect to see a reprint: Troposphere, Blackwing Gram the Shining Star, Kachi Kochi Dragon, Infernity General and maybe Zubaba General. None of the big names, thus.

Battle Pack 2 Round 2

It was confirmed a while ago that Battle Pack would get a re-launch next year, with a special variant made for booster drafts. But since this week, more details were made available.

This re-release will be available from January 17th and will be a box with both 6 packs of the original Battle Pack 2 and 1 16-card pack from a card pool of 98 "new" cards.

The principle of the new draft will go as follows:

  1. Each player receives and opens a box of BP2 Round 2.
  2. You staple the packs as follows: 3 BP2 packs, the new cards pack and then 3 more BP2 packs.
  3. You open the 3 BP2 packs and look at the 15 cards.
  4. Pick 1 card you desire the most and hand the rest over to the player to the left of you.
  5. You will receive the same amount of cards from the player on your right.
  6. Repeat the previous two steps until all cards are chosen.
  7. Open the Round 2 pack and take out the Ultra Rare card. That one is yours. You have 6 Super Rare cards and 9 commons remaining.
  8. Pick 1 card you desire and pass the rest to your right.
  9. You receive the same amount of cards from the player on your left side.
  10. Repeat previous 2 steps until all cards are chosen.
  11. Then open the other set of 3 BP2 packs and repeat the same process as with the first three packs.
  12. At the end you have 1 Ultra Rare card (more on that below) and 45 other cards. With this you can create a 40-card deck.
  13. Now you can play with these assembled decks! Have fun!

Damn' Ultra rares

End of last week, Tewart revealed the reason why that Ultra Rare is not included in the drafting and why you don't use it in your deck. The 5 ultra rares are highly wanted reprints. See his explanation on the following link: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=5687

The reprinted highly wanted cards are:

  • Fog King
  • High Priestess of Prophecy
  • Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana
  • Number 11: Big Eye
  • Safe Zone


Personally, I like this re-release. I've always been a fan of booster drafts. The cover already reveals interesting monsters like Goryu, General Raiho and Chow Len and Tewart mentioned some cards that may (or may not) be in the pack.

And the Ultra Rares just turned this pack into something highly wanted. Four of the five cards have indeed become highly wanted cards (safe Fog King). Guess they'll be easier to obtain now.

On a side-note: This week, the OCG releases Legacy of the Valiant. The first spoilers are being leaked over the net. I'll give my "cards to look forward to". But all in all, it looks like there are some amazing cards in there.

Until next time, V out.

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