1 October 2012

Card Rulings: FLIP effect monsters Vs Trigger effect monsters

After the many positive comments I got on the Monster Reborn post, I’m going to post more posts about rulings, useful to show to your opponent on Duelingnetwork when discussing rulings. This post is about the word “flip”.

FLIP Vs When flipped face-up Vs When Flip Summoned.

There are three kinds of flip effects known to us.

  1. FLIP: When the card text starts with the word “FLIP” (capitalized), you have a flip effect monster in your hands, which has a flip effect. When these cards are flipped face-up (either by attacking them, by card effect, of by its controller flip summoning the card) the flip effect will activate.
  2. “when this card is flipped face-up”: When the card text does NOT start with FLIP, but has the text “when this card is Flipped Face-up”, then you have a trigger effect monster whose effect triggers when flipped face-up (by any means). These effects activate on the same occasions as FLIP effect monsters, but they’re trigger effects instead of flip effects (yes, there IS a difference).
  3. “when this card is Flip Summoned”: When the card text does NOT start with FLIP, but has the text “when flip summoned”, then that is a trigger effect that only works when the card is flip summoned. The difference with this card is when the card is flipped face-up by other means (card effect, attacking it), its effect will NOT activate.

Ryko: group A, Geargiarmor: group B, Hanzo: group C

Flip Effects Vs Trigger effects (when flipped/flip summoned)

Why making such a fuss about the difference in effects? Well, certain cards have an effect that flips the opponent’s monster with the text “Flip effects are not activated at this time”.

Realize that in this case, the card text only refers to FLIP effect monsters and does not refer to trigger effect monsters whose effect triggers when flipped (group B).

"I negate card effects like Ryko & Hanzo,
but I cannot negate card effects like Geargiarmor."

Also, if you use Nobleman of Crossout on cards of all three categories (when they’re face-down), all three cards will be banished. But the secondary effect (the part of both players banishing all cards with the same name from the deck) will only occur when the banished monster is a FLIP effect monster (group A). It will not occur when the banished monster is a trigger effect monster. (groups B and C).

"When I strike, you're OUT!"


Same as on the Monster Reborn article, feedback comments or corrections are always welcome.

Feel free to use this post as a reference to settle disputes on DuelingNetwork or even real-life.

Until next time, V out.


  1. Very informative. Will come in handy when playing on DN. I swear it is easier to explain rulings to my toaster.

  2. Thanks. (lol, true about the toaster. At least that one doesn't talk back).

    Made 1 small correction. Monsters from group C (Hanzo) do not gain their effect when flipped by card effect or when attacked.

  3. Regards, I don't think much of people siding in NOC just because of Geargia ... like it just banishes Armor, waste of SD slot imo.

  4. Never said you should. ;-)
    Since Armor isn't a flip effect monster, the only one removed would be the one on the field either way.

  5. Yh thats what Im talking about. I saw people at YCS siding in NOC etc just for the Geargia match up I was like wtf is going on lol xD