11 March 2012

A second life for a blog


I've always wanted to revive this blog, but not for its original purpose (scanlation of manga).

That was a fun thing to do back when I was at school and had time to spare (always loved the feedback). Now it's just days long gone. I've been a manga consumer, rather that one that uploads it.

So, bit by bit, I'm gonna delete those scanlation-related posts and post random new things that come to mind. About what? A bit about everything in my life, I guess...
- Manga / Anime
- Music (playing / listening / watching)
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (the cardgame, show, etc...)
- art (digital stuff, real life works my father makes, ...)
- Games (lol, who knows...)
- Rants in general
- Writing

So, well... Soon more stuff, I guess :-P

V out.

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