10 April 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh! Random boosterdraft & Karbonala Warrior

Last weekend was easter. And on Easter Mondays (a holiday over here), the local Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament organizer hosted a random boosterdraft!

The random boosterdraft is a tourney where people have a lot of mixed feelings about. Some of the regular players don't like it at all. I like it, because it's so friggin hilarious.
Last year, the boosterdraft was with Tactical Evolution. Everybody laughed their arses off because of the amazingly bad cards we pulled. And from time to time, somebody was glad they actually pulled a card that's worth something (FYI: Last year, Venominaga was still around 60-70€ & Elemental HERO Magma Neos around 40€).

This year, we pulled 4 random boosters in groups of 4 and drafted :-).
Random, like from Metal Raiders up and including Order of Chaos.
My deck won, surprisingly, due to the few combo's I was able to pull off :-D.
I have to admit, it was so evenly matched, that all of the top 3 had 1 loss on their counter. I'll spare you the decklist, since it wouldn't even be playable in actual tourneys.

Amongst the cards I chose, I got a first Edition SR Union Attack, SR Backup Soldier & Karbonala Warrior.That Karbonala Warrior made me quite happy.

To express my happiness about this card, a little background on this one:
Karbonala Warrior is the ONLY EARTH Lv. 4 target for Instant Fusion (to synch into Naturia Beast & Barkion). But the card is so old, hardly anyone has it. And it's not that good to waste a lot of money to import it from the UK or US.

Considering import is too expensive for this card, you need to find it from a player, buy it from a pack (lol, who would do that) or buy it as a single card from your dealer. And that's where the trouble begins. Where do you find the damn' card?
- In US & Australia, you can find it in Legend of Blue-Eyes(LOB), as a Rare (easy!).
- In most non-EN European countries (France, Germany,...), it came out in Magic/Spell Ruler (MRL), as a common (simple).
- Where I live, supposedly it's in either LOB or MRL... or in neither... It kinda depends from what country your dealer got his LOB & MRL packs (if he remembers at all!). That's confusing as hell and incredibly annoying if you want to find the card!
Reprints then? Oh, the only reprint came out in a Tournament pack that wasn't really distributed where I live... (*facepalm*).

Trading, it is, then...
About two months ago... after searching and asking people for over a year, I finally found a person who knew what the card was, still had it AND had the LOB-version in his trade binder. I was ripped off in the process (not to mention, the card was in a meh kinda state). But I finally had that hard-to-find Karbonala Warrior.

Then, last weekend I pulled that same Karbonala Warrior during the booster draft, from a MRL-pack (so it was European after all!). I was so happy and sad at the same time.
- Sad, because I instantly remembered being ripped off for this card I just pulled.
- Glad, because I pulled a first edtion mint condition Hard-to-find Karbonala Warrior... And that's what counts, isn't it?

On a side-note, in that tourney, I won 12 random boosters, which got me a Secret Fabled Ragin, a secret Daigusto Gulldos, a secret Malicious, a super Dark End Dragon, an Ultra Macro Cosmos, a E-Hero Prisma, a Super Different Dimension Dragon (that's an old one :-O) and a few hard-to-find usefull commons (really eternal rest & Dragged down into the grave).

Wow, that was a lot to type for being the first "new" blog post.
Well, soon more. I'll try to update this blog with a higher frequency.

V out.

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