8 October 2012

Them Locals: Legendary Collection Edition

Last weekend we had another local tourney. This time around, the price was 2 Legendary Collection 3 boxes for first place, 1 box for second place and lots of boosters (ROTD & TU7) for the rest. Yes, this store gives enough price support to keep its people happy.

Before the tournament, I try testing my ninja deck in real life. I play Vs Ruben’s new deck (Agents) and lose horribly, because he opens broken first game and he blocks my moves second game. Okay, enough testing, let’s take that Photon lightray deck and get on with it.

Round 1: Vs Tim (Twilight)

Both games are kind of similar. He tries to mill his light and dark monsters. But in both cases he ends up milling or discarding boss monsters, so he can’t defend himself enough for my boss monsters.

Result: OO

Round 2: Vs Maarten (Inzektors)

  • Game 1: I notice that with only 1 Dragonfly & Hornet, it’s harder to get the deck working. I get my field going and negate his monsters at the right moment. That’s game.
  • Game 2: I open badly and after a while I feel like just attacking his Sangan so he can search dragonfly and kill me off (yes, I gave up on that one).
  • Game 3: Back-and-forth game. At a certain point he has a Centipede with Gigamantis & a Brilliant with 1 material detached. I’m able to summon a light monster and just revived Honest to get it back to my hand. Due to me doubting rulings, I attack Brilliant (I thought Mantis’ effect would go off when I destroy Centipede, I was wrong) and I end up losing a game I could’ve won.
  • Result: OXX

Round 3: Vs Davy (Monarchs)

Newbie or someone returning to the game after a while, I’m not clear on that one.

  • Game 1: I underestimate him and he gets LADD on the field early (I admit, I did not expect Soul Exchange). I only have spells in my hand, so f**k this game.
  • Game 2: For a while, it looks good for him again, but then he attacks into a surprise Gorz and has no monster big enough to get over it. When I activate Gozen Match, he’s in trouble and can’t get his Caius out anymore.
  • Game 3: Gozen match in my opening hand. He’s pissed when I activate it (he’s been facing the damn’ card every round, due to the Wind-up Hate (lol). As expected, he can’t overcome the card. He’s stuck with a Caius in his hand he can’t use. And when I mind Control his set Spirit Reaper, I can attack for game.
  • Result: XOO

Round 4: Vs Ruben (Agents):

  • Game 1: He apparently opens with 2 or 3 Shiny Balls, Kristya and Herald of Orange Light. He’s being beaten easily and is forced to negate the effect of my Crusher (when it goes to defense), because he has to do something. Logically, he loses. He showed his opening hand, it was horrible.
  • Game 2: He's able to fend better than first game, but he still a bad opening hand (again, 2 balls in hand, together with 2 D.D. Crows). And trust me, a bad opening hand is not something you want when facing my deck. Yeah, that’s another win for me. I explain to him that D.D. Crow is useless against my deck. It just fuels cards like Lightray Sorcerer & Madoor.
  • Result: OO

After that, I end up 4th place and there’s a top-4 cutoff.

Top 4 match: Vs Carl (Machina Geargia):

  • Game 1: He starts off with Gearframe to search for Fortress. I mind control his Gearframe to overlay into Maestroke. But he has a second Gearframe, gets 2 Fortress on the field, turns them into Big Eye and steals my monster. With my field open, I can't come back from that.
  • Game 2: I try my Cyber Valley + Mind Control trick on his Gear Gigant X, but he has Dark Bribe on the field (curses, foiled again). I fail to draw any of my side-deck and my draws are not enough for his barrage of machine monsters.
  • Result: XX

End Result: 4th place

So no Legendary Collection for me, but I get a few boosters, with more yank holo’s (another Hierophant & Gawayn, hurray![/sarcasm]).

It was a nice tourney in a new location (the old place, where we had the barbeque-tournament was not the best location) and it was a nice place. Still needs a bit more decoration, but it’s already better than the other place.

Well, that’s the last locals I play until I come back from Japan (5 days until I leave). Then the first one is going to be the sneak peek of Abyss Rising on November 3rd.

Until next time, V out.


  1. Lightray Ninja? Cool :D.

  2. No, I just tested my ninja deck (Tele-Ninja) before the tournament and during the tournament I used my Photon Lightray deck.