4 October 2012

The Japan Plan - Counting down (9 days left)

For those not knowing it yet, I'm taking a trip to Japan for 2 weeks. Now the day I'm leaving is getting closer (leaving in 9 days), so I'm getting quite excited about it.

All hotels/hostels are booked, Shinkansen tickets have been ordered, traveling passport is here, etc. I think (almost) everything I need is here.

I've also bought a new phone (HTC One V), so I'm able to download the right Maps, use Instagram, use WiFi in the evening and update my facebook/blog when necessary.

To see where I'm going: More info over here, btw.

Other than that, Yugi-news has slowed down again. Last week Leviair was revealed in the tins (everyone expected it) and the Legendary Collection came out. Next week on Thursday, we'll get the new Structure Deck with Atlanteans. And in December (or end of November), we'll get the new Astral Pack.

With Tewart out of the office (he's on holiday, if I'm not mistaken), Pojo is spoiler-free for a few weeks.

So while we all eagerly await the product page of Abyss Rising, the last revelations of the tins & the first French or German pics of the back of the new Structure Deck, there's not really anything to report.

There also haven't been any local tourney's past week (some free play, but that's it), there's a big chance I won't be able to attend the locals upcoming weekend (busy with last preparations & attending the local fair) and I don't really have time to playtest at the moment. I've been suckered into watching Mushishi. I got the DVD box and I have to give it back before I leave for Japan, so I'm filling my evenings watching anime instead of testing Yu-Gi-Oh! (not that I mind, lol).

So, until there's anything to report, V out.

Edit: Hardly wrote about it and Tour Guide is announced as the last card for the Hanzo Tin!

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