11 December 2013

And the series keep on coming - New Yu-Gi-Oh anime next spring

If you've been following the Zexal anime, you'd notice that the series is reaching its climax right now (if you don't watch it, I don't blame you).

The new series will be named Yugioh Arc-V (pronounced "Arc Five").

First details

Rumors are spreading fast, together with the latest W-Jump (and the next V-Jump (next week) might have more details). But right now, the following is known:

  • The main character (see previous image) is named Yuuya Sakaki
  • The series will be launched in the next Spring season of anime (April presumably, but no fixed date yet). This ends the three-year run of Zexal.
  • The series will introduce yet another way of summoning monsters from the extra deck (who would've guessed?). Current rumors say that the new "Arc" summoning is based upon the "Champion" summon/ability(?) from Magic the Gathering. But more on that when rumors are either confirmed or wiped from the table.
  • Primal Origins will most likely be the last booster from the Zexal Series. The OCG April booster will be filled with cards from Arc-V. For evidence, just look at the launch date of the Zexal Series and Generation Force. Final Boss monsters will most likely be released as promo cards, similar to those from the 5D's series (Shooting Quasar and the Timelords).

I could rant for hours about how I don't like the Zexal anime (even though Vector is the best YGO villain since Bakura), but let's just keep it at: "Glad it's over." After the series ends, I'll probably do a few analysis (rant) posts about the series and its boosters/promo's.

That's it for now. Friday the 13th is coming... V out.

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