13 December 2013

The F&L List - End of Year Edition

Listed are only the changes:


  • Dragon Ravine
  • Return from the different Dimension
  • Self-Destruct Button
  • Sixth Sense


  • All FOUR Dragon Rulers
  • Debris Dragon
  • Magician of Faith (from forbidden!)
  • Divine Wind of Mist Valley
  • Final Countdown
  • Sacred Swords of Seven Stars
  • Spellbook of Fate


  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • Lonefire Blossom


  • Archlord Kristya (finally)
  • Mezuki
  • Plaguespreader Zombie
  • T.G. Striker
  • Tour Guide From the Underworld
  • Constellar Ptolemy M7
  • Fire Formation - Tenki

Short analysis

Decks that are butchered: Dragunities, Dragon Rulers, Final Countdown en Self-Destruct decks.

Decks that took a hit: Prophecies, Harpies (Mist Valley OTK version)

Decks that got boosted: Constellars, Fire Fists, Zombies, T.G. stun, Plants

Deeper Analysis will follow...

For now, V out.

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