15 January 2014

Dark Renewal Gets a friggin' print!

*que fan-boy freakout*

Ahem, sorry about that. Well, err. Been a while, eh? been busy with work projects that require my attention, also evening classes Japanese (had an exam yesterday) and (let's be honest) a new 3ds with wonderful games (fire emblem, ace attorney and now pokémon) took my time away from blogging. Also, there was hardly any noteworthy news in the past month, save the past week.

But more on that news in a later post. What you came for is the OCG set "Memories of the Duel King" (aka Yugi's deck).

Memories of the Duel King

For those that don't know, this set will be the 15th anniversary set (similar to the 10th anniversary set that included cards with artworks by Kazuki Takahashi himself).

This (currently only) OCG set will have 41 cards, including a foil reprint of the original Dark Magician and DM girl. Also, a pack of sleeves, a storage case, a 15th anniversary token, an (unknown) promo card.

But this set will also include 3 "new" cards from the first anime series:

  • Bond Between Teacher and Student
  • Dark Renewal
  • Electromagnetic Turtle

The card arts as shown in the Tag Force games.

What the cards did in the anime

Bond between Teacher and Student allows you to summon a DMG from anywhere if you control a Dark Magician. Don't think they're going to nerf this one; it's not an overpowered effect.

Electromagnetic Turtle allows you to end the opponent's battle phase (anytime) during a turn when this card is sent to the graveyard (no matter how). This will probably be altered to "end battle phase when destroyed and sent to the graveyard" or so to make it less OP.

Dark Renewal: "Activate only when your opponent Summons a monster(s) or when an opponent's monster declares an attack. Send 1 monster your opponent Summoned this turn and 1 monster you control to the Graveyard, and Special Summon 1 Spellcaster-Type monster from your Graveyard."

As a spellcaster fan, I'm frigging happy that Dark Renewal will (FINALLY) get a print. let's hope they just don't nerf its effect too hard (*crosses fingers*).

In other news

the OCG banlist is revealed in the latest VJump. For us TCG players it don't matter much anymore, but it's always nice to compare. I'll probably make an analysis/comparison of it in the upcoming days or so. The most interesting thing there is the return of CYBER-STEIN!

Most content of Legacy of the Valiant is leaked by now. Safe 2 Super Rares we know all foils. I'll post more on that later on.

More sneak peeks from Primal Origin is getting released in the latest VJump, together with some more promo reveals. I'll also post more on that when we get clear detailed info on it.

Pays 5000 LP, gets F-chained, cries a lot

Yeah, after a month of a near-constant silence, the Yugi-news is back in full force!

Until next time, V out.

Note: Source: DSummon's "Yugioh Edition Singapore" facebook page.

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