15 April 2014

Soul Charge - Oh god why...?

There are many anime cards that people want to see in reality, that's no secret.

But of all the anime cards, why did Konami made Soul Charge into a thing?

Soul Charge - The effect

Target any number of monsters in your Graveyard; Special Summon them, and if you do, you lose 1000 Life Points for each monster Special Summoned by this effect. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 "Soul Charge" per turn.

Cost vs gain

So basically, you lose your battle phase, can potentially lose up to 5000 lifepoints and gain a field full of monsters which you can spam Xyz, synchro's or fusions with. And if you pre-counter this card with a Trap Stun, your opponent can only wipe his tears as you take full control of the field. Busted does not even start to describe this card.

But I can hear your argument that it costs a lot of lifepoints and when used incorrect, it'll backfire (torrential tribute). Also, the loss of a battle phase prevents you from doing much damage during the same turn.

But is it worth that cost if you take full control of the field?

The answer to that is: "HELL YEAH!". Control is everything in this game!

In one turn, Dragon Rulers can suddenly have a field with Dragosacks, Felgrand and/or Big Eye, all out of thin air. Gladiator Beasts can pay 3000 LP to go into instant Heraklinos. Agents can get a field with Hyperions and Archlord Kristya. Evilswarm can turn this one card into a field full of hate. Harpies can continue spamming cards like Phantasmal Dragon and Chidori; Lv. 4 decks will be able to go into annoying rank 4s like S.H.Ark, Exciton Knight, Papilloperative, etc; Chaos Dragons can revive BLS and Chaos Sorcerer and banish the living hell of your field; and god forbid what Wind-up decks could do with this card! The possibilities are nearly endless!

Seriously, top decking this card and paying 1000 or 2000 LP basically can help you win the match! People were bitching about Monster Reborn topdecks or Rekinding topdecks, but at least those had its limits. This card just costs a few lifepoints and does so much more damage.

Oh, and did I mention the many (burn) OTK decks that will simply worship this card?

My thoughts

I think my rants make it quite clear. This card is bad news for the game. Cards like this should not exist in general.

Soul Charge will make the set like hotcakes, but you also know that this card isn't going to remain legal for a year (because it's such a broken card). So don't spend TOO much on it, it might become forbidden sooner than you think.

But it makes me wonder why Konami released such a card? The set is already fairly popular with half of the cards revealed and would already sell more than Number Hunters ever did. Did they really need a second Sixth Sense to make this a highly wanted set?

A slightly frustrated V out.

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