9 April 2014

Dragons of Legend, card by card (update 11/04)

In a few weeks, Dragons of Legend will become a fact. It's a set with 50 world-premiere cards from the anime that finally become a reality, together with 1 reprint (#quasarwaitinggame). That makes a set of 51 cards, which the whole world looks at in quite some anticipation.

But the question is, will the set live up to the buildup? That's a valid question, considering Number Hunters didn't quite deliver either (it only had a handful of good new cards).

So far, 27 cards have been revealed, either with or without a card effect.

The THREE Legendary Dragons... or at least one of them

Big Eye-catcher from day one is the reveal that Legendary Knight Timaeus will get a print, together with The Eye of Timaeus, Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight and Legend of Heart. All of these cards were Yugi's cards during the first Yu-Gi-Oh card game anime, in the Legendary Dragons/Doma Story Arc.

And while Legendary Knight Timaeus and Legend of Heart don't have their effect out yet, the other two do.

Legend of Heart is a Fusion card that fuses a Dark Magician (Girl) with basically nothing (lol), to turn into a Dark-Magician related Fusion. That could be DMG the Dragon Knight, but also classic fusions like Dark Flare Knight (lol, as if) and Dark Paladin (okay, now THAT is interesting).

Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight is a fusion of DMG with any Dragon (which is nice). Since it's a dragon, this means it's also a Dragon's Mirror target (always interesting). And the effect is quite decent as well. Once per turn, you can send a card from your hand to the grave to target/destroy 1 face-up card. Oh yeah, you can use that effect during your opponent's turn as well (lol, now that IS funny).

What about Critias and Hermos?

But with the reveal of the Timaeus cards, people obviously wonder what the other two Legendary Dragons will look like in this card game. My thoughts... don't get your hopes up. We might not even see them.

Before you start raging, think about it. HOW is Konami going to apply these fusions? Fuse a Dragon with a Trap Card (Critias)? Seriously? Do you honestly think a card like Doom Virus Dragon (a fusion between Critias and Crush Card Virus) could become reality? Lol, as if...

Unless obviously Hermos will become an Equip Spell Search card and they turn Hermos' fusions into regular equip spells (though seriously nerfed, probably).

Other interesting cards from the first trading card anime

  • Kuribandit: The talk of the day yesterday, was this brand-new Kuriboh-variant. It's a lv 3 fiend (Tour Guide target) that can be tributed when normal summoned to excavate the top 5 cards and add 1 excavated spell or trap to your hand (while the rest is sent to the grave). Interesting card for chaos-themed decks as a replacement for Card Trooper.
  • Ra's Disciple: While the anime version of this card added more of the same card to the hand when summoned (which is lame), the new effect will special summon them from the hand or deck (that IS interesting, with the drawback that you can only tribute them for an Egyptian God (to prevent abuse).
  • The effects are still unclear for Guardian Dreadscythe and Berserker Soul.
  • Quick Note: I'll update this section when more cards/effects are revealed.

Cards from the other animes (GX, 5D's, Zexal)

Quick Note: I'll update this section when more cards/effects are revealed.

From GX:

  • Mathematician: Thé reveal of last night. Mathematician is an interesting mix of Card Trooper and Armageddon Knight. It's a Lv 3 Earth Spellcaster that allows you to dump a lv. 4 or lower monster from your deck to the grave. And when it's destroyed by battle, you can draw 1 card. Oh, the shenanigans you can pull in Plant decks with this card. This already became one of the most wanted cards from this set.
  • Final Fusion: This is a wildcard trap. It can be extremely deadly when two fusion based decks face off vs each other. But in any other deck it's virtually useless. When two fusion monsters battle, both players take the total attack as damage.
  • Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone: Basically, this card is a search card for fusion spell cards, but it only works if you got a Winged Kuriboh in the graveyard. Oh, it also has a secondary effect of attack boost, but it's so unlikely to happen in a real duel it's not even worth mentioning.
  • Until now, we only know the anime effects for cards like Instan Fusion (GX) and Mound of the Bound Creator. More info will follow when available.

From 5D's:

  • Shooting Star: It's unconfirmed, but the hints given to us, point that this card will be unchanged from the anime. The effect is simple. If you control a Stardust Dragon, you can target/destroy 1 card your opponent controls.
  • Blackwing - Hurricane the Tornado: A Friday update from Japan. While unconfirmed, the hint text suggests that it keeps its original effect. Which is: When this card is summoned, it can copy the attack of a synchro monster on the field. So basically, it's a Blackwing variant of Copycat. Well, it's handy because it's a tuner as well. So if it gets Veilered or F-Chained, you can synchro further with it.
  • Until now, we only know the anime effect for cards like Black Sonic, BW Steam the Cloaked, Gate Blocker and Wiretap. More info will follow when available.

From Zexal:

  • Number C106: Giant Hand Red: This is the Chaos variant of the current YCS winner card. This is one of the 9 OCG promo's that are included in this set.
  • Fire Hand and Ice Hand: Both are Gilag's cards and were used to make Giant Hand (how handy that they're all named Hands). Both cards are a new form of searchers, where they basically search each other when destroyed (either by battle or card effect) and sent to the graveyard. How's that for field presence?
  • Magic Hand and Prominence Hand: The two other cards from Gilag were announced on April 10. They're not as great as the previous two, but they work in sync with them (so maybe we can see some "handy" decks in the future. Magic hand causes a searched card to be sent to the grave instead and do some burn damage (fun side against Prophecies). Prominence Hand on the other hand can be special summoned if you control any of the other "Hand" effect monsters (easy Xyz).
  • Until now, we only know the anime effect for Number C5: Chaos Chimera Dragon, Number C73 Abyss Supra, Rank-up Magic Quick Chaos and Rising Sun Slash. More info will follow when available.

Unconfirmed, but hinted or plausible cards

The following cards are unconfirmed, but have a decent chance of being in here. Let me explain why:

  • Number 73: Abyss Splash: With the Chaos variant in here, it would be weird that the original would NOT be in here. It's a card from the OCG Shark Duelist Pack and has a high chance of being 1 of the 9 OCG imports.
  • Number 94: Crystal Zero: Less likely than Abyss Splash, but since it's a Legendary Number like Abyss Splash, it would certainly fit in here.
  • Number 106: Giant Hand: There's one reprint announced. And seriously, with all the Hand cards getting a print, the situation calls for a reprint of this YCS Prize card (and thus change the price).
  • Number 5: Des Chimera Dragon: Des Chimera Dragon is a weird card, considering that its chaos number appeared in the anime, while the master card has never been shown. But since the Chaos Number is in here, there's a decent chance that the real number 5 will be in here as well.
  • Shooting Quasar Dragon: Because #quasarwaitinggame. Well, it is possible, considering it's a Legendary Dragon. But realistically speaking, it's not that likely since Shueisha hasn't shown any signs of exchanging the license of this card to Konami (you know, the whole reprint of Jump cards thing).


I'll keep this post updated when new information is released on the included cards.

Until next time, V out.


  • 10/04: Added Fire Hand and Ice Hand
  • 11/04: Added Magic Hand, Prominence Hand and BW - Hurricane the Tornado
  • 14/04: Added Philosopher's Stone

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