28 April 2014

The difference between a top event with and without Dragons of Legend legal

The entire post in short: Dragon Rulers have been revived once more and both Kuribandit and Soul Charge are to blame.

"I'll be stealing ya wins, buddy!"

YCS Paris - Dragons of Legend NOT legal - Mermails win

Peter Gross once more proved to be one of the best European players. He directed his Mermail deck and proves that the deck is virtually untouched since the last banlist (seriously, why Gunde and not Sphere/Steus?).

The rest of the top 32 is as follows:

  • 13x Mermail (including Peter Gross' deck)
  • 1x Evilswarm (Aoued Benabdallah - 2nd Place)
  • 10x Geargia
  • 3x Bujin
  • 1 Prophecy
  • 1 Chain Burn
  • 1 Fire Kings
  • 1 Infernity
  • 1 Harpie

Not much to say about this anymore. This was the last YCS in this shape, since Dragons of Legend is legal from now on. And what will follow is somewhat illustrated at the latest ARG Championship Series.

ARGS Richmond - Dragons of Legend Legal - Kuribandit DRulers win

Without any surprise, Goblin Hoban won again. The worst best Yugioh Player (as he's somewhat referenced to) finally quit his Mermail deck to show us what power cards were in Dragons of Legend. And it's quite clear that the combination of Kuribandit and Soul Charge is deadly in the hands of skilled players (especially in Dragon Ruler decks).

The top 16 is as follows:

  • 4x Mythic Kuribandit DRuler
  • 2x Mermail
  • 2x Geargia
  • 2x Bujin
  • 2x Infernity
  • 1 Kuribandit Ghostrick
  • 1 Evilswarm
  • 1 Hieratic (Pure)

The full decklists can be checked on the ARG Website.

The new Dragon Rulers - Kuribandit DRulers

The most preferred combo is using Kuribandit's effect to excavate 5 cards, which are 4 monster cards (inluding 1 DRuler) and obtaining a Soul Charge. Get the Soul Charge to your hand and dump the rest.

Then, during the next turn, you can use Soul Charge to revive as many cards as you can.

If you didn't excavate Soul Charge, you can just use the DRulers effect to special summon themselves from the grave/hand. If you don't open with either of the two cards, the rest of the spell line-up is draw/dump power (Gold Sarc, Upstart Goblin, Card of Consonance, Trade-In, Dragon Shrine, etc), so it's hard to have an opening hand that sucks.

If you haven't guessed, this version of DRulers is all about dumping cards in the graveyard and reviving them with Soul Charge or by Monster effect (similar to Chaos Dragons), so that you have an overpowering line-up of dragons and Xyz (similar to Chaos Dragons). The trap line-up is small to non-existent (similar to Chaos Dragons) and it doesn't use any other protection cards (similar to Chaos Dragons).

Yes, you heard me correctly, the new version of Dragon Rulers is basically how Chaos Dragons worked when they were at their best. Dumping cards (Future Fusion), spamming the field with overpowering monsters (REDMD, DAD, Lightpulsar, BLS, Chaos Sorcerer), and constantly-reappearing boss monsters (the Lightpulsar-REDMD combo).

Any other Dragons-of-Legend cards?

Looking through the top 16, there were a few other cards (next to Soul Charge en Kuribandit) from Dragons of Legend that were played. Those were the following:

  • Wiretap. One of the best counter traps at this point. Negates the activation of a trap and sends it back to the deck. Both Geargia decks and Infernity decks are playing it.
  • There were also 3 people in the top 16 trying out the combo of Fire and Ice Hand, but that was only visible in the side decks.

That's it for now, V out.


  1. Is top 16 of YCS Paris not in Draft Format?

    1. Nope, it was the only YCS of the past month where top 16 onward was still played with regular decks.