2 October 2014

They call me MaJu V. I'm back, I'm back.

Yeah, I'm back! Did you miss me?

*Hears Crickets chirping*

Yeah, I can truly feel the love!

Truth be told, I never thought I would upload anything on this blog again. But yet, here I am again!

Missing in Action?

A combination of things kind of stopped me from posting again on the blog. Busy work schedule, a boring month of June in terms of YGO news, stuff with the harmony band, lessons Japanese I've been following, a few good games I've been playing (Shadowrun and Divinity Original Sin) and that other project I talked about a few months ago...

This is the project I was talking about

Yeah, I bought a house. Lots of stuff to do in that before I can move in there, so that takes up lots of my free time.

And honestly, with a blog like YGOrganisation, I didn't really feel the need anymore to post the latest YGO-news or coverage of events. But yeah, I still love writing (it's my job as well), so it was kind of inevitable for me to return.

Due to time constrictions, the blog won't be updated as frequently as before (an occasional post per week or so). So I'll just cut short the regular Yugi-News. I'll keep my posts only on rulings, analysis, predictions and stories on random stuff I encountered.

Did I do absolutely nothing YGO-related or blog-related in the past months?

Actually... You might've spotted me in the comment section of the YGOorganisation blog, the Y.E.S.facebook group and stuff like that.

Also, I updated my blog posts on my trip to Japan from 2 years ago (added some pictures, made it easier to read, etc). I know, that's not much. But it's something.

Yu-Gi-Oh for me the past few months

I was supposed to go to the European Championship in July (I did get my qualifier quite early), but money constraints (you know, the house) and an angry mother kept me from going.

After the latest structure deck, I shifted from my good ol' Prophecy deck to a Lightsworn Ruler deck (like it a lot). And now I'm busy with assembling a Burning Abyss Deck (I was able to get my Dante's just before the hype started). I do keep Prophecies on stand-by, since it remains a good deck. But I've been playing with that deck for nearly two years so it was time for a change.

For the future year, I won't be attending any more YCS's (you know, the house puts a money-limit on lots of things), but I might attend a few regional qualifiers, just for the fun of it!

Future posts you might expect

I got a post on the latest F&L list coming up, and an analysis post on both the last TCG set (Duelist Alliance) and the stuff that's coming. But the last two still need to be written at this point (lol).

But no promises on what will be posted when. You'll just have to wait and see.

Until that moment, once again, V out.

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