15 January 2015

The OCG exclusives come to TCG-land - an overview

Once in a blue moon, I feel like writing a YGO-related article again. Today, with a Examn Japanese (2nd year of 5 or 6) just behind me, I feel like venting some energy.

Well, let's be honest, the venting of energy and the released article that the OCG exclusives will finally be coming to TCG in April (W00t!)

Say what?

Yesterday, Vexacus posted the following article: http://southernhobby.com/products/detail?p=29348

In short, on April 10th, the new Yu-Gi-Oh! World Superstars Booster will be released, containing 50 cards previously only accessible in Japan and Korea and 2 former World Championship Cards (Legendary Dragon of White and Legendary Magician of Dark). Each booster will have 5 cards (4 Super Rares and 1 prismatic Secret Rare), with a total of 18 Prismatic Rares and 34 Super Rares.

It caused a little discussion on what cards would be in there, but actually WHAT's in in there is as good as confirmed in my eyes (I'm like 90% sure).

What's in there?

In short, the following:

  • The 5 Japanese exclusives from Legacy of the Valiant.
  • The 5 Korean exlcusives from Legacy of the Valiant.
  • The 10 Japanese exclusives from Primal Origins.
  • The 5 Korean exclusives from Primal Origins.
  • The 10 Japanese exclusives from the Duelist Advent.
  • The 5 Korean exclusives from the Duelist Advent
  • The 10 Japanese exclusives from The New Challengers
  • Legendary Dragon of White and Legendary Magician of Dark

Together, this makes for a 52-card booster set.

Note: The Japanese exclusives from Secrets of Eternity and the Korean exclusives from The New Challengers have only recently been released in their respective areas and still need to be "exclusive" for them for a longer time.

Legal note: The other 10% I'm not sure of, is the situation where Konami becomes Lolkonami again and trolls us with ancient vanilla's or lame OCG promo cards.

But WHAT CARDS are going to be released?

Well, the following archetypes are going to get support:

  • Chronomaly: 2 cards, Which includes the infamous Chronmaly Nebra Disk (which at one point became limited in the OCG because it made Chronomaly's OP).
  • Heraldic Beasts: 3 cards, which makes the archetype actually playable.
  • Yuma's Onomatopoeia & Utopia archetypes: 10 cards that you know you'll never play, unless it's in a fun deck.
  • Galaxy Photon support: 4 cards, of which Galaxy Soldier and Tachyon Transmigration are good. The other two you may forget.
  • Battlin' Boxer support: 3 cards. A decent monster, a great trap and a great Xyz monster that makes the archetype very much playable.
  • Heroic Challenger support: 3 new cards, which are decent.
  • Star Seraph Support: 3 new cards, which ridicule the already existing cards by their mere presence. These 3 cards are amazing.
  • Music Djinn support: 1 new Djinn Xyz, named Humhumming. Not OP, but a decent addition if you want to play a full Djinn deck.
  • HERO support: Elemental HERO Blazeman. Kinda nifty support for Masked HERO decks.
  • Naturia Support: 1 card, but it's kinda "meh".
  • Mecha Phantom Beast Support: Nice addition to an underplayed archetype, but not enough to make it competitive.
  • Ghostrick Support: 2 new cards, a nice trap and a cool new Win condition Xyz.
  • Numbers: More intended for the collectors: 5 different new Numbers cards to add to the collection (or six, if you count F0 as well).
  • Lovecraftian Monster Support: A cool new Korean "archetype", which combines elder gods (like Wodan), with creatures straight from Lovecraftian fiction. All focus around Level and Rank 4 monsters and have some nifty effects. Most anticipated card is Elder God Wodan.
  • Watt Support: Wattchic Fighter is weird: On one end it's completely based on Jojo's bizarre adventure (which is cool), on the other end, it's a psychic Watt card (which doesn't make sense), but does kind of give support to the archetype.
  • Other random good cards: Guerillakite is a Lv 4 FIRE tuner that damages the opponent when sent to the grave and is a rekindling target. Earth Shattering is a cockblocker vs Mill decks. Flowbot is a Plant that works very well in Sylvan decks in order to prepare the deck to mill cards.

Is the set going to be worth it?

Wel, the first thought that went through my mind was: "OMG, this set is going to be amazing!", a deeper analysis showed that half of the cards are supporting less used archetypes, or are simply crap. Yes, at least 1 card in every pack is destined to be a Yuma card, be prepared for that.

But, similarly to other Hidden-arsenal-alike sets, there's going to be a few hunted cards that will be worth money. Dragons of Legends proved that, amongst many mediocre cards, there were 5 or so cards that were hunted beyond belief (especially the Hands).

The cards that are going to be hunted in this set will (probably) be the following!:


Yes, obviously there will be a handful of cards that YOU like, but not the general public. So these are the "money" cards (though none will become too pricey, I guess). The rest will be worth pennies. Your choice if you want to pick up a box or not. Just telling you the facts.

Until next time, V out.

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