23 June 2015

Adding more content to the blog

Hey, MaJu V here. No, I'm not dead. Why do people keep thinking that?

I've been wondering about what to do with my blog for a while now. I'm currently not that much into Yugioh as in the past (though I haven't quit yet. It's just set on the back-burner for a while now).

But I've missed writing about stuff, so I've been thinking about what to blog about.

When I revamped this blog a few years ago, the purpose of the blog was going to be about more than just card-games, but it kind of went that route from the get-go. So I thought: "Let's get it back to what it's always supposed to have been. A blog about the stuff I like: Anime, music, card-games and so much more."

So from now on, I'll also be posting a bit more regularly, but the topics will be more varying.

I'll be reviewing the anime I've seen of late (complete, not per episode), I'll be giving a few recommendations on music (probably Belgium's finest bands, if I can be a bit chauvinistic) and who knows what else comes to mind?

Does that mean all Yugioh-related posts will be gone for good? Of course not. Once I'm done working on my house (hopefully at the end of this year), I'll probably have more time to play Yugioh IRL and I'll probably want to write more posts about that.

Also, busy with a few other experiments, but that'll take some more time to see it come to fruition.

Until next time, V out.

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