29 April 2017

In the meantime: Some delays and giving a preliminary ranking to the Spring 2017 anime.

Sorry for not updating in the past few weeks. Saying that my agenda has been fully booked is an understatement.

Harmony band concert, deadlines at work for the release of a new events projector, 50th wedding anniversary of my parents, funeral of an uncle, Easter concert with the choir + one additional "surprise" concert for a funeral, additional concert I'm helping out on and that's not even talking about all preparation time and rehearsal time I'm investing in all of those.

Honestly, I'll be glad it's going to be May soon. April was a little too hectic for my taste. Hardly had any time to make decent reviews, nor the other things I really wanted to do.

I have been keeping up with the new anime season and have been preparing a few blog posts in the few spare hours that I got. Next one is for Youjo Senki (soon, is in finishing stage) and a post-mortem of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (needs a bit more fine-tuning).

Oh, and err... To fill this post up a little bit; I've ranked the Spring Anime (new titles) in a preliminary top 10 list, based mostly on the first episodes. Just to give you something!

Spring 2017 anime ranked

  • Honorable mention: Granblue Fantasy.
  • 10: Seikaisuru Kado. Interesting story setup, but the Uncanny Valley (and too much blah-blah) keeps me from ranking it higher
  • 9: Eromanga Sensei: Like it for now, but really cautious due to the bad rumors of this story and the author's other work.
  • 8: Grimoire of Zero: Interesting characters and world building. Nothing amazing, but good enough to keep me hooked.
  • 7: Love Tyrant: Comedy with an "edgy" undertone. Sometimes it's downright funny, other times it's just trying too hard.
  • 6: The Moon is beautiful: Really well animated! Would rank higher, but romances aren't really my thing.
  • 5: Re:Creators: Anime and game characters come to life! Interesting story setup. let's hope they do something good with it!
  • 4: Alice & Zorouku: Interesting story setup. The first episode had AWFUL 3d renders, but it does get better in later episodes.
  • 3: Atom: The Beginning: Being quite overlooked if you ask me (maybe due to its later start?)! This anime is amazing and deserves your attention!
  • 2: WorldEnd / SukaSuka: Otherwise known as the anime with the impossible long title. Really good story, really interesting characters, really good music. Overall really good!
  • 1: Sakura Quest: Round of applause. There's SO much to talk about with this anime, I don't know where to start! It's amazing! Not for kids/teenagers. Not due to "heavy" content or anything like it. No, it's just more adult topics (work, moving houses, rural areas vs cities, etc).
Oh, and also a top 3 of best shorter anime:
  • 1: Please take my brother away (Ani ni tsukeru kusuri wa nai): NOBODY talks about this! Yet it's SO good! Or maybe that's my bias since it depicts a typical brother-sister relationship.
  • 2: 100% Pascal Sensei: Need to keep watching in order to see if the first episode was just the "surprise" talking in me.
  • 3: Girl Beat Boys: Take that title literally. Great production value for a half-length episode
  • Honorable mention: Silver Guardian. Need to watch more than the first episode.

And the worst...?

Overall the worst were Sekai no Yami Zukan (awful to look at and listen to) and Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni (poor man's hentai cut in 3-minute episodes).

But since both of these are short anime, let's focus on full-length now. Here the biggest disappointments are ID-0 and Sakurada Reset.

  • Sakurada Reset: Fails to make its premise interesting or to sell its characters. "Lifeless" and "boring" were the words that kept buzzing in my head.
  • ID-0: Was kept under the radar for a reason. Combination of Uncanny Valley and lots of bad choices behind the scenes (including the poor story).

Also, I hate Fukemenkei Noise. I seriously dislike the voice of the lead female character. Not placing it in the "worst of" list, though. I see the production value behind it. It's not that bad. It just doesn't click with me due to me hating that voice.

And on a side-note: None of the sequels I've seen this season have disappointed as of yet. So yeah, go watch My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan and The Eccentric Family!

That's it for me now. I'll be back... soon (I hope).

Until next time, V out.

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