18 September 2017

Casually dropping a Yu-Gi-Oh banlist like Lolkonami does...

Today in Konami office:
- "Hey, err... when are we going to release that new Forbidden & Limited list again?"
* "Wait, we didn't release it last week? We were supposed to release that last week to..."
- "Didn't get that memo."
* "Oh holy F...."

New Forbidden & Limited list, effective from NOW!

The list

Source: http://yugioh-card.com/uk/gameplay/detail.php?id=1155

Listed are only the changes for TCG.


  • Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter (from unlimited)
  • Grandsoil the Elemental Lord (from unlimited)
  • True King Lithosagym, the Disaster (from unlimited)
  • Denglong, First of the Yang Zing (from unlimited)
  • Daigusto Emeral (from unlimited)
  • Zoodiac Broadbull (from unlimited)
  • Zoodiac Drident (from unlimited)


  • Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior (from unlimited)
  • Miscellaneousaurus (from unlimited)
  • Zoodiac Ratpier (from semi-limited)
  • Dark Hole (from semi-limited)
  • Gateway of the Six (from forbidden)
  • Interrupted Kaiju Slumber (from semi-limited)
  • True King’s Return (from unlimited)


  • Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning (from limited)
  • Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer (from limited)
  • Mathematician (from limited)
  • Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (from limited)
  • T.G. Hyper Librarian (from limited)
  • Brain Control (from limited)
  • Burial From a Different Dimension (from limited)
  • El Shaddoll Fusion (from limited)
  • Preparation of Rites (from limited)


  • Debris Dragon (from smi-limited)
  • Honest (from semi-limited)
  • Rescue Cat (from limited)
  • Rescue Rabbit (from limited)
  • Summoner Monk (from semi-limited)
  • Witch of the Black Forest (from forbidden)
  • Charge of the Light Brigade (from semi-limited)
  • Dragon Ravine (from semi-imited)
  • Wavering Eyes (from forbidden)

First thoughts

Oh, jeezes, Konami. Didn't the list get an approval last Friday? This is so friggin' random, casually dropping the list on a Monday and saying it's effective on the day the list drops? That's why we keep calling you Lolkonami.

So since the list just dropped like a few hours ago, so I'm still processing this. Because at first glance, the hits seem... kind of random.

Okay, hits like Broadbull and Drident were to be expected. But I did NOT expect Dino's to get slaughtered this way. And True kings? I think they're somewhat fine. Because even with all the True Draco cards being on this list, Master Peace, Diagram and Heritage did NOT get hit, nor did Terraforming.

Also, on the Zoodiac side, Zoodiac Barrage also did not get hit, making Zoodiac still alive... somewhat (as an engine, rather than a full deck). Most surprising to see not getting hit is ABC.

What I'm also surprised about is the massive push to get re-aligned with the OCG list. A lot of these hits are to make the lists (somewhat) hole again. But then on the other hand we get random hits again, like Grandsoil and Daigusto Emeral. Yes, they're great cards... but OP enough to be forbidden? No way.

What decks are going to be best?

SPYRAL, definitely. Especially after the release of Double Helix this October (*cough*definite secret rare*cough*). Then I assume Invoked to finally take flight (in combination with what's left of Zoodiac or True Draco) and ABC will probably see a return in popularity. And last but not least: Red-Eyes (with the release of Legendary Duelists) + Zombies (with possibly the new Vendread support in Circuit Break).

That's it for now. I'm now going to sit down, take my popcorn and see how the rest of the world is going to process this random list drop.
Until next time, V out.

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