19 April 2012

Djinn Vs Devil

With the new Starter deck, we’re getting a few new XYZ monsters. They give support to Djinn XYZ monsters. Because of these Djinns, there now is a clear Djinn archetype, which includes these new monsters, but also older cards, like those Ritual Djinn monsters from the 5D's era.

MaestrokeFat Ritual Freak Djinn
The conductor of a
merry band of musicians
The conductor of a
band of fat ritual freaks

All good and well, but one thing you need to know… Djinns aren’t devils, even if they are!
What the f*ck, you ask? Well, to understand what I’m talking about, you need to know a few things.

A bit of history

Konami-US renames Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters when they appear in the TCG. And that’s because (let’s be honest)... sometimes the Japanese card creators are just looking for trouble. For example, the OCG name for the Djinn archetype is Majin, which CAN be translated into Devil.

Majin Vegeta
"You rang?"

Yes, Majin means Devil. Now, how would the average volvo-driving-soccer-mom react if their kid had a few Devil cards that were promoted in a starter deck of Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Yeah, not that great, huh. And it only gets better…

Whitty Phantom
"Hi, I'm Satan.
Pleased to meet you."

Meet “Death Devil - Satan”. Yes, this is Satan in the OCG. He looks quite dandy, doesn’t he?

If you’ve seen the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, right now you should be flashing back to the episodes of the RPG world, where Seto was held captive by this guy.

"Do you enjoy being bound to this
cross, err... stone tablet?"

Now imagine this guy being named devil, let alone “Satan”, on a kids show on TV. How long before some parents start complaining that their kids are watching satanic Japanese cartoons?

So, yeah, you can’t blame Konami for changing those names a little and turn Satan into a witty phantom. You can, however, point fingers at their inconsistencies in naming every devil card.

Massive inconsistencies in both TCG AND OCG

Up until now, there haven’t been that many problems with this archetype, because all the Djinns were supporting random themes or types. But now that the majin/djinn XYZ are supporting “Djinn” monsters, it will become confusing for a lot of players. That's because some Djinn monsters have been (wrongfully) translated into “The Terrible”, “Fiend”, “Lord”, or nothing at all.

But if you think this is all Konami-US’ fault, you’re wrong. The Japanese card makers didn’t make the job easy, you know? Not every Japanese “devil” card is automatically a Djinn card! Sometimes their cards aren’t named Majin, but simply Debiru (I’m using the phonetic pronunciation).
Debiru’s ONLY translation in English is devil, while Majin CAN be translated into devil (I’ve seen it being translated as demon too, for example).
To help fix this confusion, I’m listing every devil monster that’s either a Djinn, or a real devil. It would help if people out there would start making an actual difference between Djinns and Devils.

Djinn monsters

  • Dark Balter the Terrible (Djinn Dark Balter)
  • Terra the Terrible (Djinn Terra)
  • Infernal Incinerator (Hellfire Djinn Hell Burner)
  • Ultimate Obedient Fiend (Exceptionally Obedient Djinn)
  • Dragon Piper (Jar Djinn)
  • King Dragun (Dragon Djinn - King Dragoon)
  • Lord of the Lamp (Lamp Djinn)
  • Necrolancer the Timelord (Time Djinn Necrolancer)
  • Perditious Puppeteer (Djinn Puppeteer from Hell)
  • Viser Des (All Powerfull Djinn - Viser Death)
  • Fireyarou (Fire Djinn)
  • Witty Phantom (Death Djinn - Satan)

NOT Djinn monsters, but actual Devil monsters

  • Blast Asmodian (Blast Devil)
  • Stray Asmodian (Stray Devil)
  • Vanity’s Fiend (Vanity Devil)
  • Legendary Fiend (Legend Devil)
  • Fiend’s Sanctuary (the Metal Fiend Token is a Metal Devil Token)
  • Flamvell Fiend (Flamvell Devil)
  • Evil HERO Malicious Fiend (Evil Hero Malicious Devil)
  • Fiend Kraken (Devil Kraken)
  • Fiend Scorpion (Devil Scorpion)
  • Doom Dozer (Devil Dozer)
  • Koa’ki Meiru Doom (Core Chimail Devil)
  • Volcanic Doomfire (Volcanic Devil)
  • Element Doom (Element Devil)
  • Creeping Doom Manta (Stealthy Approach Devil Manta)
  • Psychic Nightmare (Psycho Devil)
  • Gemini Imps (Gemini Devil)
  • Cyber-Stein (Devil Franken)
  • The Bistro Butcher (Devil Cook)
  • Koumori Dragon (Devil Dragon)
  • Bickuribox (Devil Box)
  • Abyssal Kingshark (Deep-Sea King Devil Shark)
  • Mazera DeVille (Devil Mazera)
A Djinn monster!A REAL Devil!

The future

Now that there are actual Djinn monsters that support other Djinn monsters, let’s see what Konami is going to do with future releases. I’m curious what they’re going to do with “Dragon Majin – Queen Dragoon”, from the upcoming series “Galactic Overload”. Will it be “Queen Dragun”, or “Queen Dragun, the Dragon Djinn”?

Yes, I AM a Djinn XYZ!

Hope this info helps you out
Until next time,
V out.

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