26 April 2012

And so... priority is gone

In case you've missed the news in Yu-Gi-Oh!-verse... the thing that people called priority is gone.

Read it here, on the Konami page!

So, all the times where people yelled "PRIORITY!" after you activate a bottomless trap hole or Torrential Tribute is gone!

What is the immediate effect on the metagame of today?

  • Inzektors will rule almighty (until september, bring your cans of bugspray)
  • People will lose interest in Dino Rabbit (I've chosen the words carefully here)
  • Heroes will come back... again, like it's a friggin anime! The heroes always return!
  • Chaos Dragons took a serious hit (a lot of monsters used that damn priority)
  • The Wind-ups will remain the fifth wheel on the wagon, wondering if they're ever gonna get their turn at the top of a YCS. You'd almost feel sorry for them...
  • The rest will suffer a little

Oh, yeah... And this guy is laughing his arse off, because he can't be stopped by mortals anymore (only by gods)

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