22 January 2013

Low expectations of March Banlist

In about a month from now, we’ll have seen a new Forbidden & Limited list in the V-Jump magazine. But unlike the previous end-of-the-format, nobody’s really looking forward to this one (visible by the obvious lower amount of banlist predictions).

The format has been very diverse, with a variety of decks winning YCS’s (a different one for each YCS). But if you can point to a few overpowering decks, the three big names are Rabbit-style decks (Verz/Dino), Wind-ups and Atlantean Mermails. So expect these decks to take some sort of hit.

There are other decks that "did well", both in OCG as TCG (like HERO beat, Chaos Dragons, Agents, Dark World, Fire Fists, Geargia's, Inzektors, Prophecies, etc...). But these are less likely to take a hit.

So, my prediction?

I’ve gone through the existing list, matched it with the current archetypes and this is my PERSONAL wish list for the upcoming forbidden and limited list.


  • Monster Reborn: An overpowered card with enough alternatives.
  • Card Destruction: Has always been a flawed card. Dark World just made it worse. Though, since Dark Worlds don't top that much, it's only a low-probability-hit.
  • Sangan: Another one I’m pleading for. This card still sets way too many engines into work. Get rid of this rodent already.


  • Wind-up Magician: Basically does the same as Inzektor Dragonfly, so it should get the same treatment. I’d rather see this card hit than Wind-up Factory, because with this card hit, the archetype can still be played; it’s just less overpowered (less spamming).
  • Rescue Rabbit: I know Konami loves this card, because it promotes using vanilla’s, but it’s just… everywhere. I kinda love this card (outside of the Dino build), but it’s better for the game, if it’s brought to 1.
  • Atlantean Dragoons: One of the main Search cards in Mermail style decks. But since there’s a low chance Konami will hit the Mermail archetype itself this format (they’re still making big bucks of it), this card has gotten a big target to get hit, especially since the introduction of Mermail Abyssteus in Abyss Rising. Though, if Konami does not hit this card, Mermails will become the most powerful deck in the TCG (not a good thing).
  • The Agent of Mystery – Earth: Konami brought the wrong card back to 2, they should realized that. Bring this card back to 1, where it belongs.


  • Deep Sea Diva: This should get the Tour Guide treatment, permanently. It basically does the same, for Sea Serpents and with fewer restrictions (and since the structure deck, it has received even more (decent) possible targets than Tour Guide).
  • T.G. Striker: This is the one that should come back to 2, not Earth. T.G. monsters are a nice engine that’s not overpowered (it’s mostly used in stun decks) and can be splashed in a lot of things. Though, bringing this card to 2 should only happen if Earth goes back to 1, otherwise this change is asking for problems.
  • Mezuki: It’s only because of the manga series that Zombies get decent support. The last support Zombies got through the Manga (Endless Decay & Nr. 22: Franken) are way better than the rest (Chew-bone & Bacon Saver say enough). So, it’s needless to say that Zombie decks crave for a second Mezuki to become playable again (also a manga card, btw!).
  • The Transmigration Prophecy: Experimenting time. Konami has been experimenting with long-time limited cards to become semi-limited. And if Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute can become semi-limited, why not this one?


  • Archlord Kristya: With The Earth at 1, Kristya can come back anytime, seriously. Nobody used the card three times (too much dead weight), so nobody will care if it’s either 3 or 2.
  • Summoner Monk: Compare this card with other spam-cards we've seen in the past few years, like Inzektor Dragonfly or Wind-up Magician. You’ll wonder why this card is still semi-limited. At least I do.
  • Magical Stone Excavation: It’s one of those cards that make you wonder: Why is this still on the list? I’m a Prophecy player and even I wouldn't use this card, even with the high amount of spells I use.
  • Spore: Yeah, the return of spore made Plant Synchro broken, right? You can see it at the amount of tops[end sarcasm]. So, yeah. Let's seal the deal and return this card where it belongs, at 3!


Generally, what I expect of the banlist is people dropping Dino Rabbits and Wind-ups and Konami using the march list to promote their current archetypes (Fire Fist & Mermails).

The reason why I don't expect a lot from this list, is that if a list like the previous mentioned one goes through, the next format will be as bad as last years with Inzektors & Dino Rabbit running all tournaments, but this time with Fire Fists, Mermails and Phantom Beast Planes.

But in the meantime, let's just hope I'm a little paranoid/negative and it all goes better than expected.

Until next time, V out.


  1. I don't quite agree with Earth being Limited. I've been playing Agents since September and in my opinion, Hyperion should be semi'd or limited while Earth is unlimited. What makes you want to limit her again?

  2. Earth is a searcher and enables the deck to work. And I have a personal favor for T.G. striker to come back. But unlimiting Earth and bringing striker back will bring back the T.G. agent deck to full force, so that's a no-no.
    However, if Hyperion does get hit, like you say, that might be up for discussion again. Though I doubt Konami's going to hit its structure deck boss monsters (Caius/Hyperion/Fortress or Grapha) anytime near soon.