8 January 2013

Some new Card Rulings

Before reading the rest of this post, read this blog post: http://duelistcodex.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/rules-bulletin-4th-january-2013/

What you need to remember from these updated/new rulings is the following:

  • The effect of Light and Darkness Dragon that negates a monster effect resolves at the same time as the attack/defense decrease.
  • A banished monster that was special summoned is still treated as special summoned after it returns to the field, even if the return itself is NOT a special summon. (card effect like Interdimensional Matter Transporter & Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon).
  • You can apply the effect of multiple Flashing Carat Dragon, Stardust at the same time, but at that point the destruction negation is only applied once. Better is to use the effect one destruction at a time. Each Carat Stardust can only negate one destruction of one monster, whether it's by battle or card effect. Also, the effect only applies while the target is face-up. you can still use Book of Moon to negate Carat's negation (lol).

I'll protect you... and ONLY you... and only if you remain face-up.

That's it for now. Doesn't always have to be a 3-page post, eh.

V out.


  1. Does this mean a wind up rabbit that has been summoned by zenmaity and has banished itself at least once previously will be destroyed by fossil dyna being flipped up?

  2. There's 1 exception: If Pachypello is flipped outside of the damage step (by card effect or your opponent flipping it), you can trigger Rabbit's effect to banish itself.
    During the next stand-by phase Rabbit returns and will not be destroyed, because the return itself is not a special summon and Fossil Dyna's destruction effect is not continuous.