17 January 2013

Weeks of silence, and then: BAM! Massive updates!

Yu-Gi-Oh! product updates are weird. There's weeks where we get nothing or tiny bits of information and then, once in a few months, we get everything in the same week, both on OCG side and TCG side.

Since there have been so many updates in the past week, it's easy if some things might have slipped, so let me recapitulate it all for you

Cosmo Blazer Full set revealed (TCG)

First of news that came was obviously the full set content of Cosmo Blazer (TCG edition). obviously, since several European shops got their boxes on Tuesday to prepare for the sneak peek, some of them just couldn't wait and opened their stuff...

What was rumored came true: the OCG promo cards included in the set basically suck. Yeah, I only got 5/10 guesses right, but who would've guessed Cards like the Blackwings or Joan? Those cards have no bonds with this set or other upcoming releases and are so random.

Next to that, while we all expected bad TCG World Premiere cards (Bonfire Colossus gave us a sneak peek of how bad it could be), it's way better than expected. Noble Knight Medraut (funny how they use the Celtic name of Mordred) is good, Spell wall is good, Kickfire is really good and Abyssteus is Broken (seriously, dump a water monster (Dragoons) to special summon this card and search a Mermail? That's dead broken!)

"You play mermails? Take me! Take me!"

Cosmo Blazer - Card rarities (TCG)

Next to the unknown cardpool (081-099) being revealed, we also saw the card rarities being divided. And that's less good.

Basically, the Hazy Flames (notice the name change from Haze Beasts) are cheap dirt (woohoo! Rare Basilicock!), The Fire Fist fans won't have to offer up an arm and a leg to get their playsets of every good card (Tenki Rare is cool! Tiger King deserves to be UR). The players craving for other cards are screwed, though...

The Spellbooks have struck the record of becoming the most expensive deck ever (2 new supers and a secret rare! For real?) and they're not done getting support (even more secret rares in the next set?). And the good new Mermails are all foil as well. I don't think I even have to mention the rarity bump of Lightning Chidori (Lightning Plover) and Diamond Dire wolf (Dire Wolf Diawolf) to Ultra and Secret Rare (eek).

"I'm a Diamond Wolf and I deserve
a diamond-like foil! Awoooooo!"

More content revealed for Lord of the Tachyongalaxy (OCG)

While the set isn't due until next month, more content has been revealed.

Still no news on the WIND Elemental lord, but this set will also have an elemental Dragon of each attribute. The effects aren't quite clear apparently, because they tend to vary depending on the source I read it from. And while one source gives it a good effect, the Wikia source gives it a mediocre one. What to make of this...?

Also interesting is Sacred sword of the Seven, which appears to be Trade-in for Lv 7 monsters (but banishing instead of sending it to the grave).

Next to that, most anime cards that will get a real card are known, including a decent Gogogo monster (I'm really going to make that Go-Zombie deck now)

And finally: Prophecies, Mermails and Fire Fists get more support (yeey). But Madolches gain support as well, which surprised me, because of their absence in Abyss Rising. And it's good support.

"Hoot! Have some cake and listen to the story
about how people wanted more Madolche cards..."

First cards of the OCG starter deck 2012 revealed

While I expected Gauntlet Warrior to be in the Starter deck, it's in the Tachyongalaxy instead. What did the starter deck get instead? Utopia, lord of reprints! And a new upgrade for Utopia, upgradable with a Barian Force card (Seriously? I thought Barian was the enemy of Yuma?)

"For those that didn't get a chance to pick me up in any of the last 7 prints,
here's another reprint!"

Hidden Arsenal 7 (TCG) gets an official date

TCG players are so looking forward to it. This set is getting even more hype than the infamous Hidden Arsenal 4 (which means one thing, pre-order this before it's sold out). The date? Don't forget it! April 19th! And yes, the set will contain all 70 cards!

"In just a few months, I will be EVERYWHERE!"

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal manga Volume 4 comes out in February (in OCG)

While Volume 3 (with Nr. 22 Franken) is coming in the US in June, February will see the release of Volume 4 in Japan. The promo will be Nr. 47 Nightmare Shark (the numbers card Shark has in the manga). And trust me, if you play water decks, you might want to check out its effect...

"Want do attack directly?
If you're a water monster, I'll allow it!"

New Jump promo's

The New Jump Alpha promo was (finally) announced last week (Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo, in case you didn't catch that news).

In OCG-land, there's also a new Jump promo... and it's a Harpie monster (cheer, you fanboys, cheer!). The name is Harpie Dancer and it gives a nice sync between Mist Valley monsters (bounce effects) and Harpies. Hmmm, interesting...

"Hey boys, check out my dance moves."


Wow, man... That was a lot of news in just a few days.

Next week, after the sneak peeks, I'll give you my thoughts about the full Cosmo Blazer set. In the meantime, If you want to know what cards to look forward to, check my first post about Cosmo Blazer and my post about splashable FIRE cards.

And in a few weeks, when Tachyongalaxy is out, I'll give you the cards to look forward to.

Until next time, V out.

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