3 June 2013

Box openings: A story of success and failure

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy openings. You know you all love it (or hate it). So I wanted to try it as well and share in the happiness of pulling Books of Apocalypse or Drago-bastards.

So, via Novagames (a webshop from Northern-Ireland), I bought myself a few boxes. 2 for my friend Drago, 1 to open in front of the webcam I recently bought and 2 to open with friends.

Drago got 3 secrets out of his two boxes. He got cards like Fire Fist Cardinal, Torrential Reborn, Windrose, Harpie’s Channeler, Sacred Sword, Kerykeion, more than a playset of each Dragon Ruler, etc. While we said he pulled somewhat decently, he was kind of disappointed (total value of the pulled cards didn't add up to the cost).

Then, on Tuesday, I opened my box. Here’s the result. First time doing something like this, so I don’t know if it’s good quality (*looks somewhat unsure*).

And last, but not least, last Saturday I got together with two friends of mine, Chris and Carl.

Chris has the nickname “God-hand”, because he always seems to pull the good cards. If you want a Dragosack or Tour Guide out of your packs, it’s better to let him pick the packs. Carl is less lucky in pulling cards, but he’s the better duelist (he’s a regular topper in the Belgium National tournaments). Carl is the one that wanted to play Dragon Rulers. He already had his binder plundered to get that first Dragosack; and he was only able to get that second one thanks to Chris (the hand of god proved his name once more), whom he still owes (a lot).

So we opened the first box and each randomly picked a few packs from it (8 packs each). In total we pulled the amazing number of 6 supers (including Constellar Sombre, Sacred Sword and some Mecha Phantom Beasts), A Harpie’s Channeler, Scramble Scramble and Gwalchavad as Ultra/Ulti and a secret... Dragosack.

Guess who pulled it?

I ended up with the Dragosack (partial refund for the boxes, 20€ and the promise to give him the Number-cards I pull from “Number Hunters”) and promised Carl he could borrow my Dragosack during big tournaments.

The second box was less awesome. I was able to pull the secrets (two, once more) from the box, but accordingly to my luck with pack openings, I ended up with Windrose and (once more) Totem Bird. This is a sign, I tell you! Second Box also had a Kerykeion and Hootcake as noteworthy foils, but the total value of the second box just didn't compare to the awesome first one.


So, this concludes my awesome failing of pulling good cards.

I’ll be testing variants of Dragon Rulers now. It will probably be a wind variant, due to the high number of Wind Dragons, Windroses and Totem Birds I have (I tell you; it’s a sign!). So either that, or a psychic version (earth/wind psychics with Risebell and Dragon Rulers).

This week, I’ll give you some do’s and don’ts on handling Dragon Rulers. Until then, V out.


  1. grats on the pulls. Konami is also happy that you bought boxes to pull imbalanced cards

    1. "wow these cards are so broken the game is going to shit... but shut up and take my money anyway :D "

    2. Thank you all for your encouragement. I will immediately buy some more :-D