7 June 2013

List of Nationals / Continental Champs and decklist links (if available)

Let's keep this post informative for everyone. This is the list of National Champs all over the world and continental representatives.

I'll keep this post updated every week with all new info available. If you can fill in the blanks, please let me know.


DateCountryWinnerDeck used Decklist
April 20IrelandJonathan WatersMono Mermail Decklist available
May 5AustriaNoko ProkicDark World Creator Turbo Decklist available
May 18-19BelgiumBernard Jean-LouMono Mermail Decklist available
May 18-19GermanyTran DucChain Burn Decklist available
May 18-19United KingdomTom PaineMono Mermail Decklist available
May 18SwedenAdam AskMermail N.A.
May 19NetherlandsRafael NevenMermail Decklist available
May 25-26FranceAlain LyDragon Rulers N.A.
May 25SloveniaMiha FlisekMermails Only finals video
June 1-2ItalyStefano Lenti LivraghiDragon Rulers Decklist available
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June 1-2SpainRodrigo TororesDragon Rulers Decklist Available
June 1SwitzerlandRoman KieserDragon Rulers Decklist available
June 2BulgariaMarino KunchevUnknown N.A.
June 8-9Czech Republic
June 8-9DenmarkMads MikelsenEvilswarm Decklist Available
June 9MaltaRyan DyerUnknown
June 9NorwayChristopher ReyesUnkown
June 15-16PortugalHélio BaboDragon Rulers Only finals report
June 15CroatiaUrh KovačićDragon Rulers Decklist Available
June 15LithuaniaŽilvino VolskoGladiator Beasts Only finals video
June 15FinlandTom ThuresonEvilswarm Decklist Available
June 16PolandPrzemysław StrzałkaDragon Rulers Decklist Available
June 23GreeceVassilis StamatiadisProphecy Decklist available

Central and South-America

DateCountryWinnerDeck used Decklist
May 18-19Costa RicaTomas JimenezProphecy Decklist available
May 18-19MexicoLéonardo SanchezKristya Dragon Rulers Decklist available
May 18ArgentinaNicolas GodoyDragon Rulers Decklist available
May 18ChileSebastian MoraDragon Rulers Decklist available
May 18JamaicaUnknownMermails N.A.
May 18VenezuelaEdwin RodriguezDragon Rulers Decklist Available
May 19ColombiaJuan CujiaDragon Rulers N.A.
May 19Dominican RepublicYorguin MedinaProphecy Decklist available
May 19GuatemalaAlejandro CañasMermails Decklist available
May 19HondurasLeonel OrtegaFire Fist Decklist available
May 19NicaraguaAllan ZepadaProphecy Decklist available
May 25-26BrazilIvan Ferreira de Lima JuniorDragon Rulers Decklist available
May 25BoliviaAaron BeltranDragon Rulers N.A.
May 25EcuadorIvan FiallosDragon Rulers Decklist available
May 26El SalvadorFrank ArceDragon Rulers Decklist Available
May 26PanamaRolando GordonKarakuri OTK Decklist Available
May 25-26PeruGerardo DelgadoDragon Rulers Decklist available


DateCountryWinnerDeck used Decklist
May 25South-AfricaJivesh DhanrajProphecy #

Asia - Middle-East (TCG)

DateCountryWinnerDeck used Decklist
May 16thIsraelIdo M.Evilswarm Decklist available
May 26TurkeyMurat BıçakçıEvilswarm Decklist available
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DateCountryWinnerDeck used Decklist
April 27New ZealandChris DaltonTele-Karakuri Decklist available
June 8-9AustraliaMarcus WheelerProphecies Decklist available

Asia (OCG)

DateCountryWinnerDeck used Decklist
May 26ThailandWeerapun Suebyoubol "Pink"Dragon Rulers Decklist Available
June 15PhilippinesIrwin ArogoDragon Rulers Decklist Available
June 23South KoreaPark Jin WooDragon Rulers Decklist available
June 23SingaporeWilliam OhDragon Ruler Decklist available
June 29-30MalaysiaZack TeohDragon Rulers Decklist available
June 30Hong KongCheung Wing HoDragon Rulers
June 29Japan - TokyoJokerDragon Rulers Decklist available
July 6Japan - OsakaAtsushi Blue-Eyes Prophecy Decklist available
July 7TaiwanShi-En HuangDragon Rulers

Continental Championships (TCG)

Date Continent Location Winner Deck used Decklist
June 10OceaniaPenrith, Australia Chris MatiskeDragon Rulers Decklist available
June 28-30 Europe Frankfurt, Germany Chris BountaloudisProphecy Decklist available
June 28-30 South America Guayaquil, Equador Carlos Andres Perez PadillaDragon Rulers Decklist available
July 5-7 Central America Monterrey, Mexico Alejandro Vivaldo Reyes SuarezDragon Ruler
July 12-14 North America Chicago, USA Patrick HobanDragon Rulers Decklist available


  • Luxembourg (Europe) did not have Nationals. The link on Konami's website referred to the Belgian Nationals.
  • Cyprus (Europe) did not have Nationals. The link on Konami's website referred to the Turkish Nationals.
  • While Turkey and Israel are officially part of Asia, they play the TCG instead of the OCG. Because of this, they're part of Europe in terms of qualifiers.
  • Since there is no African WC Qualifier, South-Africa tags along with Europe in terms of Qualifiers.
  • If you know of information that's not in the list yet, put it in the comments below. All help is appreciated.


  • Update 07/06: Updated Venezuela, Equador and Argentina thanks to Carlos Julio - Source: http://kabras-yugiohtcg.blogspot.com
  • Update 2 (same day): Also found and added the information of Italy, Peru, El Salvador and Dominican Republic.
  • Update 9/06: Mike from High-Level Gaming gave us the info on who became the Aussie champ.
  • Update 10/06: Updates - Added info of Danish and Swiss Nationals and Oceanian Continentals
  • Update 11/06: Added the decklist of the Australian Champ, thanks to High Level Gaming (FB).
  • Update 12/06: Added the decklist of the Oceanian champion, thanks to HLG.
  • Update 15/6: Added information on the Turkish winner, added Philippine representative.
  • Update 20/6: Updated nationals of Croatia, Poland, Finland. Also added the decklist of the Philippine winner (link to his blog).
  • Update 24/6: Added info on Greece, the champs of Singapore (thanks to YGO-Singapore on FB & High Level Gaming) and Thailand, and the (correctl) schedule of OCG-qualifiers (last part thanks to the "Road of the King" blog).
  • Update 26/6: Found a Konami article with the Latin American champs (This post), also found the Swedish champ (google translate helps). And via analyzing the updated qualified list of Europe I found the names of the Bulgarian, Maltese, Norwegian and South-African champs. Also found the Portuguese champ thanks to Troza. And Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition Singapore (fb) posted the link to the South-Korean decklist.
  • Update 30/6: Added winners of Tokyo, Hong Kong and Malaysia.


  1. Hi, great job with this list :D I can help you with the National Champion of Ecuador 2013:

    Ivan Fiallos (Winner of WCQ - Nationals Guayaquil 2013)
    Deck: Dragon Ruler


    btw, I'm the top 4 guy who played Spellbook xD

    1. Congratz on your top-4 (especially since I'm a fellow Prophecy player :-D ).
      and thank you for the information. I'll add it to the list.

  2. Gladiator Beasts beat Dragunity in the Lithuania Nationals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm6mOmocKFE

    1. That's interesting. The Lithuanian Nationals were not present on Konami's page of Nationals tournaments. Thanks for this info. I'll look into it ;-)