20 June 2013

Yugioh update week #1: Belgian YCS - it's not a joke

Always the same. The one week you're off going to some festivals and music concerts and don't have time to check the internet, Yu-Gi-Oh provides us with many updates. You should've seen my surprised look when I logged into my pc yesterday.

The OCG-set of Shadow Specters has been filled to 5/6 of all cards; the cards of the next (OCG) V-Jump pack have been revealed (Chaos cards, yeeeey) and the next European YCS has been revealed.

I'll give you a few noteworthy cards of those revealed cards in the next few days, but today's post will be about that next European YCS... in Belgium!

Wait, where?

If you're not from Europe, you're probably not familiar with the European YCS-policies (or at least something I thought was a policy).

Basically it goes as follows: European YCS's are focused in countries with a Konami (branch) office. So, this means the UK, Germany, France and Spain. Italy's another frequent visit, even though it doesn't have a branch (but they do have Italian cards). Other countries don't receive YCS's (with the exception of Netherlands receiving the World Championship two years ago, but that's not really a YCS, huh :-P ).

Because of this situation, it's been an frequently recurring rumor for a few years now that Belgium will receive a YCS, but it never happens. Though I bet this is the same in other countries that didn't have a YCS yet.

So you can understand my surprise to see that years-old rumor suddenly become a reality with this news flash: http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/news/news_ycsbrussels.html.

A YCS in the country of beer, fries, chocolates and waffles

As a Belgian myself, I am thus proud to announce that the first upcoming YCS will be in Brussels, Belgium on August 31 and September 1st.

This YCS will be a Battle Pack YCS (probably due to the date of old-format/new-format). The Event place is unknown as of yet, but there's only a handful of places they can choose from (Tour & Taxis, Brussels Expo, or some privately rented place).

I say first upcoming, because the other revealed European YCS (YCS London) will take place in October (exact date unknown as of yet).

I'll provide more details of this YCS once they're known.

See you next time. A happy V out.

PS: I'll keep updating the nationals post, so if you have info on the missing spots, please provide it! Thanks in advance!

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