16 July 2013

Back from the sickbed - Update week - Patrick Hoban wins North American WCQ with Dragon Rulers

As stated in my last post, I'm still recovering from my fall which bruised my wrist and created a burst in my elbow.

Since I have control over my hand and arm again, I'll be posting a bit more frequent again.

And while the last few weeks were kind of slow on news (only the WCQ news was out), we now actually have product updates as well.

  • Number Hunters (and Battle Pack 2) are out in TCG (including some weird choices for a (re)print).
  • The full set of Shadow Specters (OCG) is revealed.
  • Several promo cards of manga and Promo books are revealed.
  • Kachi Kochi Dragon is now legal in Europe as well (due to the French print with the French Manga).
  • Fire Fist Chicken (or from now on: Rooster) will be in Judgment of the Light (many Fire Fist fans will be happy about this).
  • Today there was the announcement that a NEW Yu-Gi-Oh! game will be released on the 3DS (after a few years of absence). I was personally extremely pleased with this (this is how I got into the Yugioh card game, btw). OCG release will be Winter 2013. Rest of the world will probably follow in february-March of 2014, I guess.
  • And last but not least, the North American World Championship Qualifier (the continentals) are over!

Patrick Hoban wins 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh! North American WCQ

Since it's been a few days already, I'll keep it short. Patrick Hoban won with Dragon Rulers. Second place went to Prophecies.

As Michael Bonacini (Death Aspect Blog) noted, (at least) 3 of the 6 representatives are Duelistground members and America has thus a team they have a good feeling about.

For Hogan's deck, check Vexacus' Deck profile. You can check it OVER HERE.

Next up, I'll be giving some more info on the released packs/cards and the World Championship Representatives!

Stay Tuned, V out.


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