26 July 2013

The playmat of the gods – European YCS updates

YCS Brussels (August 31 – September 1)

very Battle Pack YCS gets an exclusive mat for every attendant. Sheffield had the Breaker mat and San Diego had the Dark magician of Chaos mat.

Last Tuesday, PJ Tierney (the artist formerly known as the Irish Duelist) updated his facebook page with the mat YCS Brussel attendees will get. And I have to admit, it’s a godlike mat (literally)!

Yugi would so want this!

Like it? Then come to Belgium on the weekend of August 31 and September 1st and attend YCS Brussels!

The location of the event has also been revealed. It’s Brussels Expo, on the Heysel.

Dunno where that is? The Heysel (or Heizel as we say it in Dutch) is outside of the tourist center, but it is known for the Atomium (the giant iron atom model), The King Baudouin Stadium (sport events and concerts), Océade (big water fun park with LOTS of water slides), Mini-Europe (miniature park) and the Kinepolis (movie theater) with IMAX screen. Konami honestly couldn't have picked a better place in Brussels.

YCS London (October 26 + 27)

During the European WCQ, Konami also gave us more info on YCS London. And it was kind of special as well.

YCS London will take place on the weekend of October 26 & 27. You might realize that the UK isn’t the sunniest place to visit in October (to say the least), but Konami made it again worthwhile, because…

YCS London will take place during the London MCM ComicCon. Not only that, but duelists that enter the YCS will also get to experience everything that the MCM ComicCon has to offer, as entry to the YCS guarantees free entry to all 3 days of the MCM ComicCon (which normally costs £29.50. btw).

Due to this co-op between MCM ComicCon and Konami, there will be more Yu-Gi-Oh! related “activities” than on a normal YCS. So keep your eyes open on the European YCS pages in the upcoming months.

The location of the ComicCon and thus also the YCS is the Excel Centre, outside of the tourist center.

MaJu V will be at these YCS’s

Unless heaven strikes me down (please don’t), I will attend both YCS’s.

YCS Brussels is kind of obvious (even though Lille was closer by than Brussels, I have to attend since I’m a Belgian) and I’m already preparing a trip to London in October (lol, last year Japan, this year London).

I’ll keep you informed about these two events (before, during and after).

Until next time, V out.

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