19 July 2013

Cards to look forward to in Shadow Specters

You know the drill. I've looked at all 80 OCG cards and picked out the cards that are interesting.

Effect monsters

  • Chauchow-chan: A new hand trap and this time, it’s a beast (no, literally). When you attack (or if you’re attacked) and a NORMAL trap is activated, you can discard this card from the hand to negate the activation. So you can walk into mirror force or dimensional prison without worries! And this is an anime card? Groovy.
  • Wyd the Unseen Druid: A summoner Monk target. When this card is sent from the field to the grave, you can set a continuous spell from your grave to your side of the field. Nobody uses continuous spells, you think? What about… Dimensional Fissure, The Fire Formation Spells, or Burden of the Mighty? And since this is a spellcaster, you can even re-use Spellbook Star Hall.
  • Drewes, the unseen Druid: When normal summoned, you can special summon a Lv. 4 DARK monster with either 0 attack or defense from your grave (except itself). Best use now is in Zombie decks (Zombie Master, Skull Conductor), or Archfiends (Archfiend Knight, Mad Archfiend), due to its limited use. But depending on what Konami releases in the future, this card is one to keep an eye on.
  • Pon-poko & Tantan the Raccoon Rascals: Both have similar effects. They can special summon a Lv. 2 Beast from your deck (face-up or face-down, depending on the card). And surprisingly, there are a lot of Beasts that are Lv. 2. Ryko is the most known one, but all Ojama’s are Lv. 2, Nimble Momonga is one, just like The Fabled Cerburrel. Heck, you can even troll opponents with Sea Koala this way. And with the number of decent Rank 2 monsters out there, these cards make way for interesting “rascal” (troll) decks, don’t you think?
  • Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts: An interesting card to use. When destroyed and sent to the grave, you can use it as a continuous spell, making all your opponent’s monster attack go down with 100 during EACH stand-by phase, forcing your opponent to waste materials on it. Think of it as an alternate form of Burden of the Mighty, that’s very easy to bring back (it’s a zombie, so yeah).
  • Vampire Killer: A reverse Catastor! When this card attacks a DARK monster, it’s destroyed before damage calculation! I’ve been aching for a card like this, even if only to face DARK decks, like blackwings, inzektors, Dark World, Infernity, etc…
  • Aratama: A Spirit searcher? Interesting. This is actually a card that Spirit decks need to make it playable. When (flip) summoned, add 1 Spirit monster from the deck to the hand (safe itself). Can’t get any better than that, I guess? :-P
  • Knight Day Grepher: And next to Spirit Support, there’s gemini support too? Cool. This card recycles Supervise (or other equip spells), which is the engine spell of the deck.

XYZ monsters

  • Number 46: Ethereal Dragon: A dragon designed for Blue-Eyes decks and Dragon Mirror Matches. If this is the only card you control, you can either special summon a dragon from your hand, steal an opponent’s dragon or render the effect of all dragons your opponent controls useless.
  • Number 64: Sandayu, the Veteraccoon: Another interesting Rank 2 XYZ. This card is designed for the Raccoon Rascals and for rascal/troll decks in general (Ojama fans, eat your heart out). It cannot be destroyed while you control other beasts, and you can detach 1 to get a tokens (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?). But unlike Dracosack, these tokens attack become that of the strongest monster on the field.
  • Tree Spirit of the Meliaes: Reviewed this card a while ago. Best support Plant synchro decks and Gigaplant OTK decks could get. Requires 2 LV. 3 earth monsters and either dumps plants from the deck to the grave or revives them for another use.

Synchro monsters.

Only 2 synchro’s, but neither are really interesting.


  • Pot of Duplicity: Copy-paste from my previous post: "After the watered-down version of Pot of Greed (Pot of Duality), we now get a Watered-down version of Pot of Avarice in the form of this card. This card forces you to skip the battle phase and only works by sending 3 monsters of different types from your grave to the deck (still a plus-1). So obviously it cannot be used in many decks. But in the decks where this card DOES work, it will work even better than Pot of Avarice ever would (Evilswarm decks, Chaos decks, Norleras decks, Mystic Piper decks, etc). A word of advice: don’t underestimate this card; because having consistency and control is more powerful than having a battle phase."


  • Grisaile Gaol: (copy-paste from previous post) You can see this card will pop up In Monarch and HERO decks as a side-deck card. When this card is active and you control a fusion/tributed/ritual monster, neither player can synchro or xyz summon and the effects of face-up xyz/synchro’s is negated.
  • Mistake: (copy-paste from previous post) Neither player can add cards to their hands, except by drawing them. At this point in the meta, it’s the most anti-meta card there is. Every meta archetype searches cards. This card is an ideal “f**k-you” to your opponent, if you’re done searching and want to prevent your opponent from searching cards. Beware that if your deck focuses on searching that this card can easily backfire.
  • Survival of the Fittest: A weird addition, but this card supports Dino decks. It boosts a dino with 1000 attack and lets them attack another monster again. Use this on Jurrac Guaiba to get two more from the deck.

Afterword and a few other news updates

A few specific nice cards, but nothing seems over-the-top good. Bujins get good support, vampires are revived (lol), but other than that, nothing much will change with the release of this booster.

In the meantime, it's also revealed that Fire King Avatar Yaksha will be in Judgment of the Light (next to Chicken/Rooster)), implying that Wolfberk might be in there as well. This makes this set somewhat more interesting.

Also, due to comic-con, people spied and noticed what the content will be of the Blue-Eyes Structure Deck. As expected, we will not see Maxx "C" (called it), nor genesis dragon, hardened armed dragon, Level Eater or Symbols of Duty. Instead we will get Luster Dragon (they really should rename the card now), hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit, Dragonic Tactics and Compulsory Evacuation Device.


  1. actually, sandayu only create one token per detach. you can check its effect in wikia. unless, wikia translated its effect wrong. :)

    1. Ah, indeed. Must have read that wrong (probably had Dragosack in mind when reading its effect. Thanks for the fix).