1 September 2013

YCS Brussels - Day 1

Short post. Went to YCS Brussels.

Got our deck boxes (picture on konami site is actual size btw). Got a Cardcar D and Abyssmegalo... and that was about it. Got a few good beaters and a few nice tech cards, but nothing to OP (only forbidden card was Monster Reborn).

First round, matched up against Joschua Schmidt of all people (oh come on!). After that obvious loss (the guy had so many traps, I hardly had any), I got five more wins and one loss, resulting in 71st place. Means I'm qualified for day 2 (w00t). Never expected that; Best result at a YCS to date.

Was able to trade a Master Key Beetle, Angel of Zera, ZW Lion Arms & Holo Machine Duplication (Only Star Eater missing now). Got a tin, with another Master Key Beetle (which was immediately sold to a friend of mine).

And best of all. The playmat of the gods. Pic will follow, but I can say... it looks more awesome than the pics that were posted online by Konami. Way more awesome :-P.