2 September 2013

YCS Brussels - Day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of YCS Brussels. I went by car and due to malfunctioning GPS I almost arrived too late (just in time, or I would've gotten a penalty).

When seated, we all got new deckboxes again and had to re-assemble a new deck. And while the Saturday deck was quite good, this one was more mediocre. Too many high level monsters, no real game changers, but a good amount of traps to survive (but hardly any spells) and no draw/search power. I lost the first two rounds (Mirage Dragon + Malevolent Nuzzler is annoying) and decided to drop, since there was no more chance of topping.

But because I like Battle Pack tournaments, I wanted to do some more sealed. I participated in a Sealed Regional... and ended up winning (hurrah). They even wanted to cover the final (but decided not to in the last seconds, which was kind of awkward). But in the end I did get interviewed and a picture taken.

So, I'm proud to announce: Me (*yeah, I know I'm bragging, but let me enjoy my little victory here, okay?*). The victory resulted in the Dragosack playmat (cool), a regional deckbox (also nice) and a qualification for next year's European Championship (awesome).

On a side-note, the reporter made a small error. It's Evil HERO Malicious Edge instead of D-HERO Malicious. There are no D-Heroes in this set, so that didn't make any sense.

Favorite combo's

I've enjoyed these two days of sealed play. So let me give you a few of my favorite combo's of the past weekend.

  • Equipping the opponent's boss monster with Big Bang Shot and using Blackwing Zephyros' effect to bounce BBS back to the hand, resulting in the banishing of the equipped monster (lol).
  • Combinging Truckroid with Shield & Sword (got an opponent's Barbaros this way, which was very funny).
  • Setting a Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat, protecting it (with No Entry, Windstorm of Etaqua or anything else) and tributing him and the two tokens for Beast King Barbaros' ultimate destruction effect. Was able to pull this of three times during the Qualifier.

End result

We all know that in the end of a BP tournament, the better players win (and had a good deckbox for two days in a row, lol).

The end an exciting final between regular toppers Michel Grüner (Germany) vs. Peter Groß (Austria). The final can be read via this link. Gruner won!


This week, I'll be doing an analysis of YCS Toronto (yeah, due to Brussels being sealed, you can't really do an analysis on that one) when all information is available.

See you guys later. V out.