14 October 2013

Analysis of Legendary Collection 4: How crappy is it really?

Now that the full spoiler list is out for Legendary Collection 4, it’s time to look back at what mess of a booster we just got.

Stage 1: Origin of the cards:

  • Joey cards: 1-81 (81)
  • Mai cards + Harpie Support: 82-112 (31)
  • Marik cards: 113-138 (26)
  • Rex cards + Dino support: 139-169 (31)
  • Bandit Keith: 170-182 (13)
  • Bonz + Zombie Support: 183-219 (37)
  • Para & Dox: 220-234 (15)
  • Archfiend Fixes: 235-241 (7)
  • Dark World cards: 242-254 (13)
  • Gravekeeper Leftovers: 255-261 (7)
  • Gamble cards: 262-273 (12)
  • Classic Trap Holes: 274-278 (5)
  • Random fillers: 279-298: (20)

Total: 298

Stage 2: Differentiation between types of cards

Number of...TotalDetails
Normal Monsters4619 (Joey) + 3 (Mai) + 9 (Rex) +7 (keith) + 3 (Bonz) + 3 (paradox) + 2 (Archfiend)
Effect Monsters12733 (Joey) + 13 (Mai) + 10 (Marik) + 11 (Rex) + 5 (Keith) + 24 (Bonz) + 7 (paradox) + 3 (Archfiend) + 7 (Dark World) + 5 (Gravekeeper) + 5 (Gamble) +4 (Random)
Fusion Monsters104 (Joey) + 1 (Rex) + 1 (Bonz) + 2 (Paradox) + 1 (Archfiend) + 1 (Gamble)
Spell cards6216 (Joey) + 8 (Mai) + 6 (Marik) + 5 (Rex) + 6 (Bonz) + 3 (Paradox) + 1 (Archfiend) + 5 (Dark World) + 2 (Gravekeeper) + 1 (Gamble) + 9 (random)
Trap cards539 (Joey) + 7 (Mai) + 10 (Marik) + 5 (Rex) + 1 (keith) + 3 (Bonz) + 1 (Dark World) + 5 (Gamble) + 5 (Trap Hole) + 7 (random)

Stage 3: Value or usefulness

CategoryNr of cardsExplanation
New “new” cards2/53 Promo cards in each box + Harpie Dancer and Sixth Sense (which is limited until the end of year). Promo’s won’t have any value, though.
New “Old” vanilla cards0/18Collectors will want them, but considering they're all common, they won't have much value.
Other vanilla cards2/28Secret Rare Sabersaurus and Kabazauls are worth something, but even then: who plays these 2 cards with only 1 Rescue Rabbit?
Number of Forbidden Cards1/11Forbidden Cards are nice to have, but as long as they’re forbidden they won’t have much value.. The only card I see that will have some value is Secret Rare Pot of Avarice (which didn't get reprinted last time). For the list, see details (*).
First reprints of useful or hard to get cards7See list in details: (**). There are other hard-to-get cards in here, but those already have had 2 or more prints or are generally not used.
Other interesting foil reprints15Regularly used cards in Super rare or higher. See list in details (***)
Total of "value" cards (from $4 onward)28/2982 New cards, 2 secret vanilla’s, 7 first reprints and 15+1 interesting foil cards.
  • (*): Forbidden cards: Fiber Jar, Raigeki, Monster Reborn, Pot of Greed, Giant Trunade, Premature Burial, Harpie’s Feather Duster, Solemn Judgment, Heavy Storm, Super Rejuvenation, Pot of Avarice.
  • (**): First reprint of decent/good cards: Imperial Iron Wall, Chaos Trap Hole, Gravekeeper’s Stele, Snoww unlight of Dark World, Skull Conductor, Harpie Queen, Harpie’s Pet Dragon.
  • (***): Interesting foils: Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Foolish Burial, Bottomless Trap Hole, Harpie Lady #1, Elegant Egotist, Hysteric Party, Book of Life, Broww, Sillva, Goldd, Dark World Lightning, Gates of Dark World, Gravekeeper’s Spy, Reinforcement of the Army, Trade-In.
  • Note to the previous list: I did not mention the cards that have an exact same rarity in previous LC. Due to that, they have less value: This includes Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Mirror Force, Mystical Space Typhoon, Book of Moon, Torrential Tribute and Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Final stage: The Ratio of pulling a Sixth Sense per case of LC04

The most expensive card from the set is obviously Sixth Sense (until it becomes forbidden at the end of the year). How high its value will rise is unknown, but it might get crazy, considering it’s a busted card.

How hard is it to actually pull it from a box? Thank god I didn't have to calculate that, somebody did the calculations for me (forgot his name though, sadly enough). The amount of Sixth Sense per case = 1.59. That means 1-2 per case (which consists of 12 boxes of LC04). That’s… not much.

Also, I saw a massive booster opening, confirming the low pull ratio of Sense. I even heard comments of people opening a case and getting no Sixth Sense at all. And next to that, I noticed in those video's that you have on average of 1-3 vanilla's per booster in general.


I could rant for hours about reasons why this set is so bloody awful. But I think the numbers speak for themselves, don’t they? In the entire set, there are less than 30 cards that will have some (initial) value. Don't forget the value drops after a month or two; just look at the current prices of LC3 cards.

If you open 1 box of LC04, you will have a dozen vanilla monsters, a lot of cards you don’t give a rat’s ass about and if you’re lucky a handful of cards you like. And you have about 13% chance of pulling a Sixth Sense!

But if you’re a Harpie fanboy or if you like to pimp your Dark World deck, you can open a box and have several of the cards you want. So it’s not a total loss, I guess?

But let me just say: If you're on a budget and you don’t plan of attending a qualifier, YCS, ARGOpen or YGO Extravaganza, this year, don’t buy this set. You’re wasting your money! People that do attend will buy tons of this box, just to obtain a Sixth Sense, obviously making all other cards in this set cheap as dirt. Trade the cards you want from this set.

Personally, I’m going to buy (only) 1 of it, just for the tokens, the Joey cardboard and to have a shot at gambling for that sixth sense (lol). But let's just say I'm going to have low expectations of what' going to be in that box.

V out.


  1. I pulled my Sixth Sense out of my first and probably only box, I'm good. :) Gonna hold it til november when it peaks. :) Unless I get any good offers in the mean time of course.

    1. You're in luck :-O
      Better don't wait too long to sell it. End of the year, it will be worthless again ;-)

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to picking up all of the tokens as singles, and a couple common Treacherous Trap Holes. Besides that, not really sure. But your numbers are absolutely excellent for showing people why this isn't a good set to buy in sealed format.

  3. This set IS fucking AWFUL, when I heard from my friend who's one of the very few honest judges that Sixth Sense is a short print common; I thought to myself, "Fuck this set: rather get the already less-valued cards I've seen from Yugi's World last year as singles and buy only one just for the tokens and perhaps shits and giggles in case I pull that godawful card."

    Konami wins again, and you know this.