3 October 2013

Tag Team rulings are finally here in TCG!

I wake up, go to work and check the judge forum. And there Julia Hedberg (Konami head of Judges) posted a link I was very pleased with: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/league/dueling/tag_dueling.html.

Don't feel like clicking the link? You should. It's the long-awaited rulings page on tag duels. Yes, Tag duels!

Tag duels

Tag duels have been existing for years now, but until this point only the OCG had official rulings on tag duels. Whenever we wanted to organize a tag duel tournament, we had to either improvise, or simply use the OCG rulings.

I'm not going to repeat everything on that page, just read it already! I know the length of that page is even longer than one of my average posts, but if you want to play or organize tag duels, it's important to know the differences between regular duels and tag duels.

But the important thing to know is: THE RULES ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE OCG RULES!

The differences

In the TCG,...

  • A tag duel consists of 1 game, but both players have 16 000 lifepoints together! The time remains the same (40 minutes).
  • If a duel goes over the 40-minute time period, the turn player ends his turn; then the other three players get one more turn. That's it.
  • The team placement is fixed In a team, the A player is seated on the right side of the team.
  • The turn order is then: Team 1 Player A >> Team 2 Player A >> Team 1 Player B >> Team 2 Player B etc.
  • Each team player has their own field (unlike the OCG, where you share the field).
  • Each card that is Limited or Semi-Limited can only be played once/twice per Team, not per player! All other cards are still free to play in triplets per player.
  • The response chain works similar. If Team 1 Player Activates a card, then first Team 2 Player A may respond, then Team 1 Player B, then Team 2 Player B. I
  • Team 1 Player B chains another card (chain link 2), then Team 2 Player B can only counter the card activated in Chain Link 2, not the one in Chain Link 1!
  • Important to know is: Teammates may talk, compare hands, and share information freely and with each other. Teammates must come to an agreement before making plays involving each other’s cards. Any communication must be verbal, in a language both teams can understand and loud enough for the other team to hear.


Yeah I know people will complain that it's not the same as the OCG rulings, but get over it. At least we got rulings now :-P .

V out.

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