21 October 2013

Yugi-news united - soo many updates

Sorry for the lack of updates last week, but work >> blog updates.

But back on topic. V-Jump was released in the OCG yesterday, so that means many OCG product updates! Also, in tcg land, the first info on Shadow Specters is coming out. I'll make an extract from all of it.

TCG - Updates Shadow Specters

Last week, it was revealed that the Sneak Peek promo would be Ghostrick Ghoul, which seems a nice addition for the archetype (not playing it, so I can't give an objective opinion on it).

But due to the Noble Knight Showcase on the European yugioh website, we've also seen the new cards Noble Knight Borz (the Arthurian Knight whom achieved the holy grail) and the Lady of the Lake (who gave Arthur his Excalibur). More Noble Knights cards (the Noble Arms, the Lv. 5 Synchro & the rank 5 XYZ) will be revealed in the following weeks. Both cards seem very good additions to the archetype, but I guess we'll see the relevance of Lady of the lake when the Noble Knight Synchro is revealed.

The last revealed new card is The Duke... Vampire Duke, which is another addition to the Vampire Archetype The card reads instant Rank 5 XYZ and when special summoned, it can send a card (preferably spell/trap) from the opponent's deck to the grave. Nice, but unless there are other ways (safe Vampire Sorcerer) to keep summoning Lv. 5/6 monsters without much tribute, I don't think the archetype will work (for similar failure, see Hazy Flames), unless Frog Vampires would become a thing (lol). Though I doubt the last thing becoming a thing, considering the Vampires are being pimped like crazy (why?).

"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this."

OCG - Duelist Pack Kastle twins is released

I already talked about this pack a month ago, when most new cards were revealed. Now, with the pack released, we can say there's only two interesting cards in here. Amulet of Water Deity (of which I spoke last time) and Diamond Dust (which is the perfect anti-mermail card).

That card basically reads as follows: Destroy all WATER monsters on the field (preferably your opponent's side of the field, lol), then inflict 500 damage for all water monsters send to the grave by this effect. Then apply water to the burned area.

Anybody else having a Saint Seiya flashback?

Duelist sets cover monsters have their effects revealed

In my posts last month, I talked about the Geargia and Lightsworn duelsit sets. Back then, the cover monsters were revealed without any effect. Today, those effects are known to mankind.

Geargiagear X Gigant: Requires 3 level 3 monsters (awh). When a machine you control battles an opponent's monster, you can detach 1 to negate all card effects from your opponent, and prohibits your opponent from chaining card effects (nice versus Fire Fists). And when this card leaves the field, you can recycle 1 Geargia monster from the grave. So nice effect, but you're going to have to run a lot of Geargiano's to make this monster live.

Michael, Lightsworn Arch: A Lv. 7 synchro that requires any tuner + 1 or more non-tuner light monsters. For the cost of a 1000 LP, you can banish a monster. And when this card is destroyed, you can return any number of Lightsworn monsters back to the deck to gain lifepoints. Yeah, I think we all have our new favorite Lv. 7 monster, right? Also an easy Debris Dragon result.

"How to tame your dragon, yugioh style!"

OCG - Legacy of the Valiant reveals its XYZ

The V-Jump showed us all the XYZ that will be in the next booster set. This includes the anime cards Silent Honors (D)Ark Knight, Utopia Roots The Chaos versions of Nr. 69 and 92 and Gorgonic Guardian. But also new cards like Shinra Guardian deity Alusei, Ghostrick Dullahan, Bujintei Tsukuyomi (which looks nothing like the original Tsukuyomi), Fairy Knight Ingunar, Nobleswarm Belzebuth and Downerd Magician (a.k.a., vengeful Slacker Magician).

The new cards are interesting, to say the least (no, seriously, they are). I'll cover them all when the set is fully released, but at first sight they're all useful (safe the chaos monsters, as usual).

OCG - Duel Carnival 3DS game strategy guide promo revealed

This is one that kinda gets overlooked, but each Yugioh game has a strategy guide (in Japan at least, lol). And with the strategy guide has the following promo card.

Thuggish Limited Express - Battrain: Once per turn, inflict 500 damage to your opponent. That's it. It's a lv 4 burn machine with 1800 attack that got neglected because it isn't that amazing anyway.

OCG - Cyber Dragon Structure Deck

And last but not least, all new cards from the Cyber Dragon Structure Deck + 1 additional support card in the OCG Gold Series have been revealed.

Last month, we were introduced to Cyber Dragon Nova, the boss monster in this new Structure Deck. This time around, we see the following new cards:

  • Cyber Dragon Core: When normal summoned, you can add a Cyber Dragon support spell/trap from your deck to your hand. When in your grave, you can banish it to special summon a CD from your deck (when you control no monsters). Nice support!
  • Cyber Dragon Drei: The third part of the trilogy. This card ensures all Cyber Dragons (and the copycats) become Lv. 5, ensuring the field for some nice Zenmaioh/CD Nova summons.
  • Cyber Repair Plant: ROTA for Light machines, with an optional extra recycle, depending on the number of CyDra's in your grave.
  • Cyber Network: Lightray magician & Lighray Madoor have liked this card. Once per turn, if there's a Cyber Dragon on the field, you can banish a Light Machine from your deck(!). When this card is destroyed (it also has a self-destruct button), you can spam the field with the banished light machines. That second effect does NOT miss timing, but destroys your backrow in return and you cannot attack during that turn.
  • Cybernetic Fusion Support: This is an actual anime card made real and it's Quick-play Miracle Fusion for machine fusions! Obvious support for the Cyber archetype, but also handy in Roids... and Ancient Gear decks (Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem). This card also makes it easy to summon cards like Ignition Beast Volcannon (burn decks)!

"Gorz? Who cares about Gorz
when you can summon a badass Fusion Monster during your opponent's turn!!"


Yeah, I could've split this page, but I rather post it all in one, because I want to use my limited spare time this week to prepare for YCS London (this weekend btw!).

Until next time, V out!


  1. i think you read cybernetic fusion support wrong. its text said " once during this turn, if you would Fusion Summon a Machine-Type Fusion Monster, you can banish Fusion Material Monsters listed on that Fusion Monster from your side of the field, hand, and/or Graveyard, and use them as Fusion Materials." it means you still have to activate fusion card first for summoning fusion monster. this card works like chain material.

    1. Hmmm, guess I interpreted that wrongfully. Thanks for the fix.
      Then I guess it's actually less good than chain material, since you can only use this way of summoning once and it costs you half your lifepoints. :-/