31 March 2014

Last day of the format and the Gold (series) Rush

It's the 31st of March, meaning it's the last day of the January format. April will be filled to the brim with YCS's to test out this new format and see what the new top decks are.

No, serious, I doubt there are that many months in a YGO year that have THREE YCS's. This weekend will have YCS Mexico City (Central America), Next weekend is YCS Las Vegas (US) and the 26th of April will be YCS Paris (Europe). Wow, they're really pushing the last YCS's before the Nationals (World Championship Qualifier) period begins in May (or end of April).

And I think everybody will be curious about what decks will top. Are Mermails still thé deck to beat? Can Fire Fists gain tops with only 1 Wolfbark? Will Geargia-style decks dominate everything? Will any new card from Premium Gold actually matter in this new format?

Everybody participates in the Gold Rush!

I think Premium Gold is one of the best-selling sets in Yugioh ever. And is there any reason to think otherwise, honestly?

A pack of premium Gold basically pays for itself. More than 50% of the cards are worth more than €1$, so the chance of you earning the invested money back is close to 100% (unless you have bad luck and pull shitty cards like Utopia Buster and Golld, Wu-Lord of DW). Cards like Effect Veiler, Forbidden Lance, the Egyptian Gods, DAD, DMG, Solar Recharge and Fire Fist Tiger King are great bling reprints that are actually worth some money. And there are some interesting new cards, like Ghost of a Grudge and Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons.

And it shows that this set is very interesting. On Saturdays, two days after the set could be sold legally in Europe, lots of shops were already out of stock and some were already unable to order any new ones. I've never seen a YGO product sell this fast since Battle Pack 1 (remember, with the rush on Tour Guides, Lances, Keepers and F-Chains?).

Most interesting new cards from Premium Gold?

Without a doubt the most interesting one is Beelze. Beelzebub is a Philistine deity who's also nicknamed Lord of the Flies and... oh, wait that's another Beelze... ahem.

Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons is one of the best Lv 8 synchro's out there who's VERY hard to get rid off. It can't be destroyed, and when you take battle damage in attacks involving this card or by card effect (like Gagaga Cowboy), it gains that damage as an attack bonus. This seems like a new key card for Infernities, but I think we'll see it a lot in other decks as well.

Another very interesting card is Ghost of a Grudge. The moment your opponent has 8 (or more) cards in his grave, you can turn the attack of all your opponent's current monsters to 0... permanently. Your opponent spams a field full of Mermails? They can't do much if they're all 0-attack monsters. Reptilliane Vaskii has never been this happy before.

Oh, an important ruling you'll probably wonder: Yes, you can activate it during the damage step, but not during damage calculation. Be sure to time it correctly if you want to use it!

A somewhat underestimated card is Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon. It's a Dragon's Mirror target in Zombie decks! It's a 3000-beatstick that does not destroy the opponent's monsters, but reduces them to a mere 0-attack monster, while also summoning a token on your side of the field (zombie spam decks anyone?).

Another understimated card is Nr 82: Heartlandraco. While you control a face-up spell card (like a field spell, or continuous spell), this card can't be targetted for an attack (which can cause deadlocks if used correctly). Also, this card can attack your opponent directly (for a 2000-beater that's a VERY nice feature).

And then we have some nice support for the Gimmick Puppets, like Dreary Doll, magnet Doll, Junk Puppet, Humpty Dumpty and Human Centip... err, Shadow Feeler (thank god they made the art less disturbing in tcg). Also, the Chaos versions of the Gimmick Puppets are released, making the RUM-version of Gimmick Puppets very playable in real-life

And last, but not least, a few of the missing key cards in the pure Chronomaly deck are released, namely Tula Guardian and City Babylon. Now only Nebra Disk and Fort Hyuk are missing to make this deck really competitive.

The rest of the new cards are nice for collectors (the Duel Dragons and Numbers), or are just plain bad (because everybody wanted Big Belly Knight and Utopia Buster, right?).


I'm very curious as to how these new cards will affect the meta. Nobody really knows atm, since Beelze and Ghost of a Grudge are also brand new in the OCG (released about the same time) and they're also entering a new format.

On a side-note: Yes, I realize I'm posting less than usual in the past months. But that's because I'm busy on a different "project". More on that in May (probably the end of May, but it may be sooner).

Until next time, V out.

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