20 March 2014

The April 1st TCG Forbidden and Limited List - What the...?

So, it's finally upon us, the new list in here. But serious, what the hell's with the Jar-hate?

The Changes

Newly forbidden:

  • Morphing Jar (from limited)
  • Morphing Jar #2 (from unlimited)

Newly limited:

  • Coach Soldier Wolfbark (from unlimited)
  • Mermail Abyssgunde (from unlimited)
  • Rekindling (from unlimited)
  • Infernity Barrier (from unlimited)

Newly semi-limited:

  • Necroface (from limited)
  • Hieratic Seal of Convocation (from unlimited)

Newly unlimited:

  • Magical Stone Excavation (from Semi-Limited)
  • Primal Seed (from Limited)

The decks that are hit

  1. Empty Jar: Not really a competitive deck atm, but with its key cards gone, it's totally dead now.
  2. Fire Fist: With Wolfbark (and Rekindling) Limited, it's up to the Fisters (wait, that sounds too wrong) to make a new mix between 3 and 4-axis (Dragon will return).
  3. Fire Kings/Laval/Flamvell: These three decks kind of relied on Rekindling as a finishing card. We saw an occasional Fire King or Laval deck top in regionals from time to time; but I guess those times are over now.
  4. Mermail: While I was initially disappointed that those 2 spam cards (Steuss & Sphere) weren't hit, Gunde is a hit that's about just as good. Three Monster Reborns in the deck was kind of a lot. But while I expected the Fishes to be butchered, they're still allowed to play on the top tables.
  5. Hieratic DRuler: Called it. Though I kind of expected to see Atum return to 2 as well. Oh well, we'll see if people will still play that dreadfully awkward deck.
  6. Infernity: One of the most busted counter traps in the game limited? I can only applaud that choice.

My initial reaction

10 changes is small, but with a list-frequency like this, that's kind of to be predicted. Why the hell is this list until half of July? That's such a random date (unless all continental championships are held just before this date, that would kind of make sense).

But what's with the Jar-hate here? It's been ages since I've seen anyone play those cards (safe a random Jar #2 in the side-deck). So why make them forbidden? That's just an overzealous hit towards "annoying" decks (in this case, Empty Jar) and potential OTK enablers (Jackpot 7 works better with the Dark Scorpian Burglars anyway).

The other hits can be classified as predictable (Wolfbark, Convocation, Stone Excavation), (surprisingly) good hits (Abyssgunde, Rekindling, Infernity Barrier) and a few surprises (the return of Necroface and Primal Seed). Not that 2 Necrofaces or three Primal Seeds will do much...

That's it for now. V is going to cheer up a sad jar.

"All these hits make me
a saaaaaaad jar."


  1. The Jars were hit because Konami really hates FTK/OTK decks like Jackpot 7, like you said. I've heard that the list lasts until July 13 because the North American WCQ is that weekend, and they don't want to change the format right before it starts.

  2. I wonder more why the hell the HELL gears didn't get hit. I know there is support on the way but couldn't they at least do something?

    1. My thoughts exactly. They way things stand, Geargia's is going to be the best deck of the format (until Primal Origins at least)