13 March 2014

Next European YCS, European Gold Series size debacle and Dark Strike Fighter's return?

I wanted to do a post about Dark Strike Fighter's (possible) return from the forbidden list, but a few extra news flashes came in, so I'll discuss it all!

Next European YCS is kind of hidden

This morning, I glanced over some of the massive updates on The Organisation (ironically, they need to organize that site a little more, those many updates make the news too scattered) an noticed the following link.


So my complaint last time, about not knowing what the last European YCS will be before Nationals season finally resulted in something, even though it's kind of weird.

Due to "internal circumstances" (I guess, it's a "don't ask, we won't tell" situation), the news cannot be published on yugioh-card.com, so all we have is a date at the moment. No venue, no further details. It's been 3 years since the previous YCS in Paris, so I guess many people will be glad to return to the city of Lights.

I'll post more details when they're published online.

Debacle on Premium Gold pack size

So a while ago, a picture was released, revealing that the French edition of Premium gold would have 10 cards, instead of the 15 card-pack in the US. Many Europeans were displeased with this difference in size, considering pre-order prices were based on the price of the US version (which would mean Europeans once again pay more for their cards).

Then, suddenly, yesterday the product page for the UK variant of Premium Gold was published, revealing that the UK variant ALSO has 15 cards.

This makes the situation very weird. Personally this makes me think that the picture of the French edition is a troll/fake, because it would be extremely weird that there's a difference in pack size within the same continent (especially since those cards/packs are created in the same factory).

If true, it would also create weird situations in Belgian shops, were they sell both the French and English cards. Uninformed shop personal will be confused as hell when people ask for Premium gold.

I guess all will be revealed when the product pages for the other languages are updated.

Draft picture or a troll/fake, that's what I call it.

Oh, and for a prediction on what new cards will be in there? Most probably the 3 OCG exclusive Gold Series cards and the cards from Premium Pack 15 and 16 (the "Premium" stands for something, you know).

Dark Strike Fighter returns?

The main point of controversy yesterday on the internet and facebook was the possible return of Dark Strike Fighter (DSF)... since it will receive an errata in the OCG, similar to the errata of Catapult Turtle.

What errata, you might ask? Well, both Catapult Turtle and Dark Strike Fighter can now only activate their effect Once per turn (previously unlimited amounts of times per turn, making DSF broken as f**k).

And if you think "Oh, this is only OCG. Nobody knows if it will be the same in TCG", you're wrong. The Yugioh Card Database already confirmed the change in TCG for Catapult Turtle. So it's only a matter of time before DSF will follow.

So, what do you guys think of a possible return of Dark Strike Fighter? Are you hoarding your DSF's already? Will it become thé Lv 7 synchro that everybody puts in their extra deck?

Take a long look at them. They will no longer be unlimited times per turn.

Well, that's it for now. Until next time, V out.

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