3 February 2016

Back in the game: thoughts on Breakers of Shadows BOSH and Booster mapping warning!

Since the end of december my house is finished, hurrah! Finally some free time to catch up on tons of anime I've missed and to catch up on my favorite waste of time: Yu-Gi-Oh!

So obviously, there's a bunch of content I've missed out on in the past year-and-a-half and I'll try to give my thoughts on all (read as: some) of it. First up: BOSH!

The latest booster: Breakers of Shadows

This OCG set was originally kind of weak, with only a handful of interesting cards, and hardly any of them in foil. Twin twisters and Solemn Strike being just about the only really interesting ones. Yes, I know. There's the Dracoslayer cards and Quaking Mirror Force, but those are less wanted at this moment.

And by all means, the TCG exclusives aren't really "WOW" either. Yes, Kozmo and Kaiju get more support. But they're no game-breaking cards either.

So what could Konami do to make this set interesting? Put some of the most crazy OCG promo/exclusive cards ever in there!

Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer (PePe decks), Fiendish rhino Warrior (Burning Abyss), Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince (Mermail), Chimeratech Dragon Infinity (OP extra deck card) and Traptrix rafflesia (another OP extra deck card).

Also, this is the first set where every booster pack is guaranteed 1 foil card.

Combine those two ideas and whoop-ti-doop: the set is an instant hype.

A card you will love to hate

Is the set actually worth buying?

I bought a box, if that is what you were asking. But my point of view was: get lots of new high-foil cards, then trade for cards of the past year-and-half I actually want to play.

For you however, it's as follows.

  • If you're playing PePe: yes, you will probably not regret buying a box (unless lady luck hates you).

  • Any other single deck fanatic can better buy singles now. With the 1-foil per pack ratio; the average price of single foil cards has crashed.
  • Though if you are in doubt and you're seeking for lots of high-foil cards, the foil ratio IS way better than any previosu set (lol). All boxes now have guaranteed 2 secret rares, which are usually devided as 1 good and 1 crappy card. And that is honestly better than an average of 1 secret rare (0 if you have bad luck, 2 if you're very lucky).

Warning: Do NOT buy BOSH single boosters!

Many people have confirmed it. This set has card rarity MAPPING!

This means that in a case with 12 boxes the boosters with secret rares will be in the same location in every box! If your first box has the Secret as second booster on the left and eight booster on the right, every box following that one will have the secrets on those exact positions.

This makes it extremely easy for resellers to strip all boxes of its secret rares and re-sell the rest as single boosters.

So if you find any sale of "random" BOSH boosters, DO NOT buy them! You will be tricked! Do not trust unsealed booster boxes either! Only sealed boxes can be trusted!

Personally, I have no idea what went wrong with the companies making the cards, but it's a safe guess the new foil card ratio is the prime cause of it. I hope they can fix it with the next booster set, because this is going to hurt the market.

That's it for now.

This time it probably won't take months until my next post (lol).

V out.

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