17 February 2016

Things you need to remember from Wing Raiders

Last week was the release of Wing Raiders. And it has mostly passed by without causing a storm (yet). But should you be interested? Maybe.

Let me compile why you could be interested.

Monarchs get help from the Power Rangers

Well, the Super Quantum monsters might be right up your alley. Super Quantum Mecha Pilot Blue Layer and Super Quantum Mecha Pilot Red Layer (from now referred to as Blue Ranger and Red Ranger) are a nice combination team where Blue Ranger searches Red Ranger when summoned (including when summoned using Emergency Teleport) and Red Ranger recycles Blue Ranger (and more importantly, itself) for tribute fodder. Also, Red Ranger has the typical Cyber Dragon mechanic.

And yes, in case you were wondering: Konami forgot to add that Red Ranger cannot recycle itself. Thus from the moment you have 2 Red Rangers, you can summon A, recycle B and vice versa, turning Red Ranger into a new version of Sinister Serpent.

Those few mechanics turn these two Power Rangers into a Tribute Fodder Engine.

"It's Morphing time!"

Oh, if you want to play the Power Ranger engine (in Monarchs or any other fun deck), also pick up the Red Zord:

MagnaLiger, the kid of a fiery relation between a lion and a tiger

Magnaliger is a rank 5 Xyz that allows you to destroy one monster on the field. but if Red Ranger rides his Zord (read: is Xyz Material)... you can also do this in your opponent's turn. Nifty!

Burning Abyss has some nifty new Xyz

Since Burning Abyss players has an extra deck of mostly Rank 3 Xyz, it's always interesting to see some new ones enter the field. Because if you still play Leviathan Dragon, you need something new.

Well, look no further than Super Quantum Mecha Beast Granpulse. It's a rank 3 Xyz that can only attack while it has Xyz Materials, but can (once per turn) destroy a spell/trap on the field by detaching 1 material. Backrow control!

"It's like Aero Shark, but as a robot... and with a better effect!"

The other new rank 3 Xyz is Phantom Knights of Break Sword. This monster targets one card (not monster) you control and one your opponent controls and destroys them (Scrap Dragon anyone?). It also has the ability to revive 2 Phantom Knights of the same name. But for that, you actually have to play Phantom Knights. Thought on that end...

"Fear the Headless Horseman!"

Burning Abyss Phantom Knights

A deck that has surfaced in the OCG after Wing raiders is the combination of B.A. with Phantom Knights. Due to the effect of Break Sword, the BA Phantom Knight variant can also play Rank 4 Xyz. And since B.A. is a control deck, the cards added are control Xyz, like Evilswarm Nightmare or Master Key Beetle.

The Phantom Knights themselves (Silent Boots, Dusty Robe and Rugged Glove) are not really great while on the field. But all of them can be banished from the grave to either search a Phantom Knight spell/trap (Boots), search a Phantom Knights card (robe) or send another Phantom Knights monster to the grave (Glove).

And is there any Phantom Knights spell or trap that's useful with Boots' effect? Yes, there is. It is named Phantom Knights Fog blade. Its effect somewhat mimics Fiendish Chain (always handy), and when destroyed, you can special summon a Phantom Knights monster.

"I can't be the only one who thought of this youtube channel when reading the names out loud"

Blackwing gets Force Strix

If you're a Blackwing player, it's time to search for the prize card of the set, Raidraptor Force Strix. It's a Rank 4 Xyz who can search a L4 Dark Winged Beast from your deck.

"Hey Shura! GET OVER HERE!"

Reprint Season 2016 has begun

Yes, this booster includes a bunch of reprints too. The most interesting ones are: Diamond Crab King (manga promo becomes legal worldwide), Silent Honor Ark , Crane Crane, Harpie Harpist Master Key Beetle, Gagaga Cowboy and Ghostrick Alucard.

Though if you don't play any of the mentioned deck types and if you already have the reprinted cards; then you can easily skip this set.

Until next time, V out.

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