29 February 2016

Yugioh explosive weekend: Infinite gold spoiled, DracoPals wins YCS Prague and Magical Explosion FTK is back

First off this Weekend: A Konami ad spoils all of Infinite Gold

Late last Friday (in European time) this ad suddenly launched on the internet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2yKH_alp6c.

It took only a day or so before every card in the ad was seen and listed. So let me say this first: Called it (or at least: a lot of it)! (Teh spoils listed on YGOrganization.)

The amount of reprints in Infinite Gold is amazing. Next to the new cards of PP18 (called it) and Beatrice (yeey, Burning Abyss is now complete), we also have ALL B.A. cards, all Kozmo and all Dracoslayer cards (safe those from BOSH, as mentioned in previous post), we also get a lot of Trap Holes, and a lot of expensive secret rares of the past year (Ghost Ogre, Galaxy Cyclone, Archfiend Eccentric, Mistaken Arrest, Blazing Mirror Force, Storming Mirror Force, Radiant Mirror Force, Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon, Mistake and Shared Ride).

And next to that, so many good cards get reprints: Abyss Dweller, The Horns of Heaven, Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, Pleiades & M7, Fire & Ice hand, Big Eye, Volcasaurus and so much more.

So keep your pennies in your wallet and wait for Infinite Gold.

Right now it's just a vague image...
But follow the light and you'll get there.

YCS Prague result - PePe is dead, long live DracoPals

Yes, you heard it right. The new term for PePe is now "DracoPals" (because DraPe would just sound awkward).

And it's just as deadly (and popular) as the Performage Performapal build. Heck, even the YCS winner (Urh Kovacic from Slovenia) beat his opponent in the finals 2-0 with not "that much" problems... Though on that end, the number of misplays made in the final were huge. Are people honestly forgetting HOW Stardust Dragon works?

"Oh, does your Kozmojo destroy cards?
How very interesting. Yeeeeees...."

Monarch FTK? Magical Library FTK? No, it's Magical Explosion FTK!

I've seen many people give it different names in the past 24 hours. People called it Royal Magical Library FTK (thus blaming Library), others called it Monarch FTK (thus blaming the Monarch structure deck). But let's call it like it is... It's the 2016 edition of Magical Explosion FTK.

This incarnation of the deck focuses on abusing the first effect of Chicken game and Upstart Goblin (along with other draw cards) to draw tons of cards and make sure the lifepoint difference between the two players is 8000 or more. Then during your opponent's turn, use Life equalizer to turn the lifepoints to "3000-3000" and use Magical Explosion to win.

And without any Performages left in the field to prevent burn damage, one player took this deck to Top 16 at YCS Prague. Top 16!

Obviously, because a degenerate deck (read as: whiners who think that any deck that isn't meta is degenerate) has topped, discussions are going on, on what cards to limit/forbid in order to stop this deck from topping again.

And from what I've seen, the best hit is Chicken Game. Every other card can be replaced with something else to obtain a similar result (without losing "that much consistency"). But reducing 3 Chicken Games, 3 Terraforming and 3 Pseudo Space to basically one of each (at most) will hurt this deck more than any other hit.

Looks like the average player raging
after receiving damage from this card.

That's it for now.

Until next time, V out.

Edit: Oh, and on a sidenote: Keep an eye out for Lithium2300's youtube channel. He's posting up decklists from YCS Prague!

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