3 May 2012

Galactic Overload reverse review #1 - The OCG promo's

With the upcoming release of Galactic Overlaod, I’m gonna do a reverse review of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! set. With reverse, I mean starting with the last cards, going up!

Number 11: Big Eye

So, Goyo Guardian got banned last year. Guess it's time to bring it back! This is the splashed down version of it. The stats AND the effect instantly reminded me of Goyo. But its effect has become more limited in usage. Still useful to steal that Zenmaines, Scrap Dragon or whatever other monster is bothering you. The two level 7 monsters might be harder to get on the field, but this card's type gives you a hint in what deck this card can be used. Right… spellcasters. A lot of the Spellcaster powerhouses are Level 7. Dark Magician, Endymion, Arcanite Magician,… And don’t forget, we have a few spellcasters that can manipulate their own levels (Gagaga Magician, Gagaga Girl, Flelf who I’m going to talk about soon).

Number 07: Lucky Straight

IF you get this card on the field (which is very unlikely, considering you need 3 level 7 monsters), you already deserve an applause. If you get his effects to work, I will scoop, because you earned that win.

No, seriously. This card is an iconic gambling card, used in the anime by a lucky gambler. In real life, however, you probably wasted your entire hand getting this card on the field. And then, you can only hope your opponent isn’t sitting over there, with an Effect Veiler in his hand. Long story short, this card isn’t playable in real life and using his effect will most probably unlock an achievement in the next Yu-Gi-Oh! game.

Beetron (Kabutron)

In a lot of archetypes there’s one of these kind of cards. A card of which you feel has an affinity with an archetype, but isn’t really a part of it (Yes, I’m looking at you, commander Gottoms & Reese the Ice Mistress!). These type of cards often get neglected in their archetype-deck (in my example, X-Sabers & Ice Barriers), because they lack that archetype naming and therefore are less usefull.

This card has an affinity with Inzektors (it’s a dark insect, whose effect can help inzektors). But because this isn’t an inzektor card, it has a high chance of being overlooked by inzektor-players. I noticed nobody’s playing it in the OCG, so the chance of players using it over here is low.

But none the less, if Inzektors get hit by the banhammer in September, this might be a card to consider to replace limited or banned cards.

Influence Dragon

This card is usefull in dragon-specific synchro summons (like Trident Dragion or Exploder Dragonwing). Other than that, this card is not that great.

Bright Star Dragon

Another level manipulating dragon, that’s also a light-attribute beatstick. His effect, however, works only when he’s normal summoned.

This is not such a great card. If you want beaters, there are many other options. And in terms of effect and usability, Delta Flyer is better.

The release of this card has a consequence, however. This is one of the Tag Force 6 promo cards… With this card being released in this set, this means we’ll never get Tag Force 6. Sad story, really.

Buten + Doom Donuts + Nimble Manta

A few weeks ago, I was jokingly saying that because this is one of those sets that’s not THAT great, they might as well include these (useless) Jump Festa promo cards. Never thought they would actually do it :-S.

Buten’s only use is when he’s in the grave. There, he can turn a light-fairy on the field into a tuner. This wouldn’t be such a bad effect a few years ago, during the 5D’s era. Nowadays, however… this is a waste of card. Oh, and look. Konami removed the halo. Who would've guessed?

Doom Donuts is the least useless of these 3 cards, being a card that’s able to destroy zombies (and other monsters with either 0 original attack or defense). This card can be used as a side-deck card if Zombies ever return to tier 1. The only question I have here is, why did Konami change the naming of “Death” cards again? Everyone expected this card to be “Des Donut”, like Des Kangaroo, or Des Koala. Now it’s a Doom card. Weird...

Nimble Manta is (like most Nimble monsters) able to special summon more of itself. But due to the wording, it can only be used under the effect of Dark Hole, Torrential Tribute, or other similar cards. Why? Because it misses the timing! The specific wording makes this card WORSE than Peten the Dark Clown, which is a symbolic card for "missing the timing"-monsters.

Shining Elf

This is one of the more interesting OCG promo cards. It’s a rank 2 XYZ which can disable your opponents attack power (yes, its effect can be used multiple times on the same monster). It’s quite funny to watch your opponents Leviathan Dragon or Stardust Dragon being reduced to a 1500-attack monster.

However, since the best Rank 2 XYZ remains Gachi Gachi, this guy kinda flies under the radar. But in a Spellcaster deck that uses Magical Apprentice, this guy can help you out.

Flelf (Full Elf)

With a name that reminded me of Full metal alchemist, you'd expect more of this card. But this is just another level manipulating card. Not bad, but not that great either, since it's not the first of its kind.

This card can be searched through Apprentice Magician & can be used in both synchro’s and xyz (unlike Gagaga Magician). This is a useful card in spellcaster type deck. Might be helpful to get cards like Big Eye on the field.

Thoughts in general

It’s not uncommon that Konami uses less usable OCG promo cards in sets that have no Special Edition, but I have a feeling there are a few missed chances here. Gustaph Max would've been a nice addition, due to its connection with some of the other machines in this set & its usability in the Hieratic Dragon decks. Oh, well, perhaps another time.

Another thing I noticed is the amount of spellcasters included. This even though the next set focuses on spellcasters, not this one. I expected more machines and dragons to be in here.

Next to cover, the TCG exclusives

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