11 May 2012

The Cadillac of Demons

A few days ago, I was following a conversation on Pojo about the Battle Pack. This conversation included the infamous Konami honcho, Kevin Tewart. Suddenly, a conversation about the Battle Pack got a side-walk after a question about Mazera DeVille.

Kevin mentioned that he found it sad (for the creator) that nobody got the original joke about Mazera’s TCG name. And thus he hinted the card name’s origin (and Wikipedia did the rest, lol).

This old card, from Ancient Sanctuary, got translated from Devil Mazera into Mazera DeVille, the closest thing a TCG monster ever got to the name devil.

Why, yes. I AM a devil, not a Djinn!

But why “DeVille”? There was a joke bound to the card name, of course, but not the one the fans thought of. Everybody thought Mazera’s name was based upon Cruella de Vil, but that’s not it.

Of course not, I am so NOT a devil!

Mazera’s literally the Cadillac of demons, as his TCG name is based upon the Cadillac De Ville. Hardly anyone realized it. But I guess that’s what you get when you try a car joke amongst a young public that rather watches cartoons instead of expensive cars.

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