8 May 2012

The Galactic Overload reverse review #2: The TCG Exclusives

Second on my reverse review list is the TCG exclusives. The following cards will be ours and ours alone until September 2013! Enjoy them!

Noble Knight Artorigus

Wow, just wow… Look at this card. Just look at it. The artwork is beautiful (for once, there’s an actual background!); the text is just drawing you in. Yes, this IS king Arthur, drawing Excalibur from the stone. Well done, Konami, well done.

Card effect? Oh, yeah… this card has none. Nobody’s going to use this card, really. But it’s beautiful and if you have one of those legendary collection binders, this card deserves a spot in those card spaces in the cover.

Ancient Dragon

ANOTHER level manipulating dragon. This card gains attack and a level each time it inflicts battle damage. If you like to make rank 5 XYZ, this is the card for you.

Hieratic Seal of the Dragon King and Hieratic Seal from the Ashes

For each great archetype that gets introduced in TCG, we get a few exclusive cards. In the case of the hieratics, we get a Gemini monsters & a trap card.

Difficult card to play, as it is a level 6 gemini with 0 attack. But it has potential, when combined with cards like Superalloy Beast Raptinus and (especially) Supervise. In these cases you can access its effect quite easily and gain from it.

But for it to work decently you need to get it to the grave first, and that's probably the most annoying part. But that other TCG exclusive Hieratic card helps.

Seal from the ashes allows you to: send a Hieratic monster from the deck to the grave; return a banished Hieratic to the grave; and special summon a Hieratic monster from the grave! This is handy when you get bothered by your opponents bottomless trap holes or Macro cosmos’s. YES, its “return to the graveyard” effect bypasses Macro Cosmos! That makes this one of the most interesting TCG exclusives.


Great card that fixes consistency issues in certain dragon decks. For example :

  • In a Ninja dragon deck, you can put that dead White Dragon ninja back in your deck and get an Armed Dragon Lv. 7 out of it.
  • In a hieratic build, you can send a dead Hieratic Seal of the Dragon King back to the deck, and get a Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit instead.
  • In a Chaos Dragon deck, when you want to get that REDMD back from your graveyard; you can swap that Eclipse Wyvern in your hand for a Divine Dragon Apocralyph.
  • If you’re a fan of Rescue rabbit, you want to keep that Alexandrite Dragon in your deck. With Draconnection, you can swap that Alexandrite dragon for a better dragon. Can you do that, Kabazauls?

Evoltile Elginero

Risky, but useful. A card with a great effect, but its 0 attack can make it a bad topdeck. In combination with Evo-Force, though, this card gives you plusses!

Lightray Grepher

Meet Lightray Grepher. YES, ANOTHER Warrior Dai Grepher.

I can make a number of jokes about this guy, like the number of his split personalities that keeps on increasing, or how his cardstory is getting f**ked up with Each new Grepher card out there.

But in this case, let’s keep it simple. Dark Grepher & Lightray Grepher are the two outcomes of The Paths of Destiny.

And on terms of effect… handy in Light attribute decks, like Lightsworns, Agents, or why not… a complete Lightray deck (perhaps a little too soon for that, though).

Tardy Orc

This is a joke, nothing more to it. The name, the art and the effect all clearly state that this is a joke. I bet the designers had a hell-of-a-time to create this one.

People hyped this card when it was announced on the product page as a secret rare. But as many (other) people figured, this card has a bad effect. It’s basically Giant Orc, recreated in the “Tour of the Underworld” theme. That doesn’t automatically mean that this card is as broken as Tour Guide, geez…

Well, sucks to be you, if you pull this as a secret rare in your box :-D (though I’m not laughing too hard, since I generally have this kind of luck :-S ).

Trials and Tribulations

In the past, only Dragon decks could recuperate from tributes, thanks to Super Rejuvenation. With this card, everyone can at least profit a little from tributing monsters.

For the rest, look! Here’s a decent article about this card, from the Konami blog.

XYZ Wrath

Another one of those XYZ support cards. It’s an altered version of Divine Wrath. This can help against Chaos Dragons, Six Sams or Monarch decks. But that’s about it, right now. Very limited use in the current meta.


That’s it for TCG exclusives. Next time, it’s trap time.

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