25 May 2012

So I went and bought a box of Battle Pack...

So I heard the plea of Tewart, saying you should buy battle pack, together with your friends. So I did… I went to the shop with two of my teammates and we each bought a box (lol).

I opened it when I got home and boy; it sure surprised me what was in there.

  • TWO Tour guides from the underworld (I couldn’t believe it when I pulled that second one. I thought I was losing my mind for a second).
  • Tiras, keeper of genesis (starfoil – those extra stars look good on him)
  • Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon
  • forbidden Chalice & Forbidden Lance
  • Pot of Duality & Solemn Judgment
  • Heavy Storm & Magic Cylinder (both starfoil)
  • Jinzo & Breaker the Magical Warrior starfoil (breaker looks awesome in starfoil, Jinzo not that much)
  • Blackwing – zephyros the Elite & Phantom of Chaos (both starfoil, it looks cool on them)
  • Snowman eater Starfoil (the stars look like it’s hailing next to the falling snow, cool).
  • Fabled Raven, Psi-Blocker & Hardened Armed Dragon
  • 2x Gem-Knight Pearl, 2x Gachi Gachi, 2x Leviathan Dragon, 2x Utopia (1 starfoil), and an army of Zenmaister and Grenosaurus (ugh).
  • Lots of other good cards (Caius, raiza, Machina Fortress, Divine Wrath, Ryko, Makyura the Destructor, the tricky, Beast King Barbaros, Reckless greed, Morphing jar, Battle Fader…)

A few thoughts:

  • This box was amazing, when I compared it to those of my mates. One of them got 0 tour guides, and 1 tiras; the other one got 1 starfoil tour guide & 0 tiras/adreus.
  • I bought the last box the shopkeeper had, so: yes, there IS a rush on the product. Don’t wait too long when it comes out in the US next Tuesday, or you won’t have any left.
  • Water attribute cards look amazing with starfoil, as it seems as it’s snowing/hailing on them. Certain other cards look amazing in starfoil as well (breaker, Heavy Storm, Zephyros).
  • Starfoil does not look good on certain dark old cards like Black Witch of the Forest and Jinzo.
  • Due to the strange (but cool) effect, it’s hard to get the full effect of starfoil prints on picture / camera.
  • The new rare lettering is hard to notice on XYZ monsters (white instead of white) and effect monsters (black vs black). You can feel the lettering, though.
  • The starfoil card can literally be anything from the set. It could be a Tiras (amazing), or a Shadow Spell (lol, what?), so don’t be too down if your first pack has a bad card in starfoil.
  • The chance of getting a starfoil variant of another card that’s in the box is also higher than expected. I got both variants of Jinzo, Utopia, Shadow Spell, Witch/forest, backup warrior (fail), blizzard dragon and Liberty at last.
  • I noticed the pack distribution was as follows: good pack – bad pack – good pack – bad pack. This might’ve been just my box, but it’s something to keep in mind if you buy single boosters.
  • I did not get Fiendish Chain, Harpie’s Feather Duster or King tiger Wanghu (awh). But I guess I can’t complain, considering what I did get. Due to the amazing cards I got, I was a little hyper last evening (those that called me might have noticed).

Should YOU get Battle Pack: Epic Dawn?

Let’s put it this way: If you lack a lot of cards in this set, or if you’re new in this game, the answer is: “HELL YEAH”! The amount of competitive cards you can get from this set is worth its price tag. The prices of a booster box of Battle Pack is lower than a booster box from the latest set and the chance of pulling good cards are higher in Battle Pack than f.e. Extreme Victory.

On the other hand, if you’re a card seller, or if you already have a play set of all the cards (safe Gem-Knight Pearl & Backup warrior) from this set, the answer is: maybe not. If the only reason you got this, was Pearl & Backup warrior, then I can assure you, they’re not that hard to get from the set. Not to mention: Pearl is gonna get two other prints soon (Duel terminal 6b & Hidden Arsenal 6) and Backup warrior is not a great card.


  1. I bought 3 blisters on Sunday and thought aww what the hell i will probably pull shit. I pulled two guides out of one blister lol I literally screamed so I think I understand how you feel lol

  2. Lol, 2 out of one blister, that's amazing :-D