19 November 2012

Cards to look forward to in Cosmo Blazer

Now that Cosmo Blazer has been released in the OCG, let’s take a look at the cards worth looking forward to. I’m mostly ignoring archetype specific cards, unless they could be splashed into other decks.

And G-dammit, this set is amazing in terms of useful cards for everything (unlike the last two sets).

Effect monsters:

  • Amarylease: Plants finally have another Lv. 1 monster to use (One for One). Its effect makes it easier for plant players to get Gigaplant or Tytannial on the field. Though its preferred use would be plants, it’s of course not limited to plants, but to all tribute style decks (Egyptian Gods, Steelswarm).
  • Garbage Lord: This card is quite interesting. You can special summon this card (at the cost of 2000LP) and then use Inferno Reckless Summon on it to multiply. Or first summon Cyber Dragon/Ghost Ship and then this one. Enough fodder to get that Adreus or Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja on the field. And with its 0 attack, it’s a Sangan target.
  • Aster Drawn: Hey, this looks a bit like Maxwell from Scribblenauts! Lol, Konami has gotten the license to release Scribblenauts in Japan and therefore releases the guy as a Yugioh Card! Its effect isn’t half bad either. It’s a lv. 4 spellcaster that can be treated as either a Rank 4 or Rank 5 material and gets you a plus-1 when used as xyz material. Combine this card with Garbage Lord or Photon Thrasher and you can get both an XYZ first turn + a free draw!
  • Prominence Knight: Guess us complaining about Dust Knight and Shore Knight worked off. Here’s the fire variant of Armageddon Knight and at least this one is decent enough. Both when another fire monster or this card is destroyed (card effect or battle), you can dump another FIRE attribute monster from your deck to the graveyard.
  • Valkyrie Knight: A great card for Warrior style decks. When destroyed, you can banish this card and another card from your grave to revive a high-level warrior (For example: Shi En or Colossal Fighter).
  • Pyrorex the Elemental Lord: After The Earth lord & the Water lord, we get the Fire lord. Same as before, this requires exactly 5 FIRE attribute monsters in your grave (Laval anyone?) and is basically Ring of Destruction in monster form (eek).

XYZ monsters:

  • Haze Beast Basilicock: A pyro chaos monster? My eyes went past this card because it’s an archetype card, but then I stopped to read its effect. This card is amazing! Once per turn, you can banish a monster your opponent controls (or in his grave) and then you can still attack!. This is also the first XYZ monster that allows you to use more than 2 xyz monsters (or use Spirit Convertor), with a maximum of five. Its basic effect is the banish effect, but the more monsters you use as XYZ material the better the effect becomes (attack boost, no effect target, destruction protection). The fire attribute makes it harder to summon, but mixing Haze beasts or Tyhone #2 in Hieratics will give the deck a boost!
  • Terror Fang Wolf, Dire Wolf: They might as well have named this card Scrap wolf and admit it is Scrap support. Summoned by 2 level 4 monsters (Scrap Chimera/Beast/Orthros), allowing to destroy Beasts/Beast-Warriors or Winged Beasts (most Scrap Monsters fall under this category) and an opponent’s monster (similar to Scrap Dragon).
  • Lightning Plover: This is the first Thunder XYZ and it’s amazing. Bouncing both a set card and a face-up card to the deck? That’s powerful. The wind attribute makes it a little harder, but there are enough decks that can use it (Harpie Ladies, Dragunities and Mist Valley decks).
  • Shyneet Magician: A shy NEET? Lol, Even Konami’s laughing at neet’s now :-D. And look at that: The first Rank 1 monster that ONLY requires 2 materials. You’d start wondering if Konami would ever get the clue that its rank 1 monsters are f**king hard to summon. And it’s actually a good defender, so she’s not half bad!


  • Zerozelock: It’s a rare sight to see Yuma use a decent spell. This is one of them and protects monsters with 0 attack. This can be handy in certain decks. Reptilliane decks focus around monsters with 0 attack, Hieratics spawn monsters with 0 attack and Fortune ladies have 0 attack when their effects are negated.
  • Charging Emperor: Tribute summoned monsters cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects? That turns your Steelswarm or monarch deck (as the name/artwork suggests), or your Obelisk / Slifer basically immortal. I bet we’re going to see this card a lot in the future.
  • Quick Booster: Quick-play Spell support: It’s a way of getting back a limited quick-play spell card (Book of Moon), or adding one from your deck to your hand when destroyed by your opponent. Enough targets out there, like MST, Book of Moon, Forbidden Lance or Chalice, etc.
  • Vestige of the war: Oh, an aftermath card of the Hidden Arsenal war:-O. And it’s a good one too. it’s like The Warrior returning alive or Dark Eruption, but less limited. Think about its use in HERO decks (Returning Stratos or Bubbleman), Plant Synchro (Debris Dragon), Junk Doppel (Quickdraw Synchron), Dragunities (any card) or Mermail/Atlantean decks (any card). This card is good!


  • Dimension Gate: Good card is good. You can banish your key card when your opponent tries to get rid of it and you can special summon It when he declares a direct attack. Though being careful is a trick, because this card does not return the monster, it special summons the monster!
  • Breakthrough skill: What’s better than a card that negates an effect once? A card that can do it twice! This card is good and makes your opponent worry about when you will use it. It is near impossible to stop a trap that activates in the grave, right?

Yeah, these are the cards to look out for if you’re not interested in the included archetypes.

Of the included archetypes, I’m kind of interested in Gogogo Ghost (going to try mixing Rocks and zombies together), Orbital 7 (for my Photon Lightray deck), the Prophecy cards (Fool, Reaper & Sepher) and the Haze beasts (due to their XYZ).

With all the interesting cards in here, I’m going to testplay a few decks (not telling yet, first need some time to put together a deck and try it on DN ;-).

Until next time, V out.

Note: These are the OCG names from the Yugioh Wiki. These names and the names on Duelingnetwork are subject to change when the cards become released in the TCG.

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