26 November 2012

Details and predictions for YCS Barcelona

It's been ages, but this weekend, there's finally another YCS in Europe (not counting Sheffield as that was a Battle Pack YCS). Prepare for: YCS Barcelona.

Me? I'm not going, I already used up all my days off :-P. But I'm posting this for all the people that might be interested in the YCS, or are going there.

The Event

YCS Barcelona will take place on December 1st + 2nd at the following address:

  • Fira Barcelona – venue “Recinto Montjuic”
  • Avinguda Reina MÂȘ Cristina s/n
  • 08004 Barcelona
  • Spain
  • Website of the venue is: www.firabcn.es
  • Route description is available on: The firabcn site.

Also, if you pre-register at the venue on Friday, you get a limited promotional "item" (as its vaguely described on the Konami site).

Further details of the event can be found on On THIS Konami Page.


Sometimes more interesting than the main event, is the number of side-events.

Most surprisingly is that Konami Europe continues its "win a trip to the next YCS" event. At the beginning of the year, that event was the 100th YCS at Long Beach.

On Sunday during YCS Barcelona, the winner of this YCS Trial (as they've officially named it) will get a free trip to the next European YCS (free travel & accommodation). Now that is an exciting price to win, don't you think?

Other than the YCS Trial, the other side events are the usual ones (Giant Card, Battle Pack, regional qualifiers, win-a-mat and Dragon Duel).


I expect a LOT of Mermail decks to be there. Abyss Rising is now officially out for something close to a month, so most players going to Barcelona will have picked up their Mermail deck by now.

Other than that, I guess we'll be seeing the same variety of decks that we see in the US YCS's: Geargia mixes, Chaos Dragons, Agents, Wind-ups and Inzektors.

I expect Mermails to win this, personally. The Mermail players now have a bit more experience playing it, while the others are not always used to playing against it in real life.

Card Legality

Since ROTD:SE and the November tins, the cards with the most impact that were exclusive to OCG and the US have been reprinted (Shock Master and Acid Golem). So now, the most notable differences between US & Non-US territories are gone (for now).

The only key cards we can't use right now are Gustav Max (Hieratic), Shooting Quasar Dragon (Junk Doppel/Plants), Slifer the Sky Dragon, Kachi Kochi Dragon and E-Hero Escuridao.

The other (less notable) cards we can't use can always be found on the Konami site.

Final Notes

From Friday evening / Saturday morning, coverage will be posted on: The Coverage Site of Konami.

For those going, good luck and have fun!

Until next time

V out.


  1. Funny thing is they will get the CORN just after the weekend ... damn that Corn why can't we have it too!

  2. Damn' it. Forgot about the Blackship, indeed.
    They'll have another advantage then :-(

  3. I'm going to scrubadubdub! Yay!

  4. Well, good luck with that, Celfon
    Do tell how it ended ;-)