29 November 2012

Quick Update - Astral Pack 1 Content all revealed

Weeks without updates on Yu-Gi-oh news, and then suddenly everything comes at once! After a bit-by-bit revelation, we finally know the full content of the first Astral pack (the new Booster Packs).

Top about this pack: No jank rares, no ultra rares, only commons, supers and ultimate rares. Each pack has 2 Commons and a Super (or an Ultimate Rare if you're lucky). And each Astral Pack will have a "new" card like the good ol' Tournament & Champion packs.

Content of the pack

  • Tsukuyomi - Ultimate rare (cool!)
  • Debris Dragon - Ultimate Rare (very cool!)
  • Photon Thrasher - Ultimate Rare (amazing!)
  • Flamvell Firedog - Super Rare (that card deserves it!)
  • Genex Undine - Super Rare (well-timed, Konami, well-timed)
  • Kagemusha of the Six Samurai - Super Rare (Fanboys will love this)
  • Inzektor Centipede - Super Rare (with Inzektors winning YCS Seattle, this has great timing)
  • Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit - Super Rare (cool!)
  • Terraforming - Super Rare (meh)
  • Moray of Greed - Super Rare (cool)
  • Mask Change - Super Rare (meh)
  • Hidden Armory - Super Rare (Nice, this has become a rare find)
  • The Gates of Dark World - Super Rare (again, fanboys will love this)
  • Chain Dog (Good for that "Rabbit is a Beast deck of mine")
  • Dragon Ice (first reprint of a Secret Rare)
  • Cyber Shark (First reprint of a Secret Rare)
  • Swift Scarecrow (reprint with problem solving card text! Hurrah!)
  • Elemental HERO Ice Edge (meh, Hero fans will keep the Super Rare)
  • Mystical Sand (This is the new card! The fusion of Giant Soldier of Stone & Ancient Elf! Cool!)
  • Spiritual Forest (hmmm, might consider this now, in my beast deck)
  • Closed Forest (a reprint I wanted for a while now)
  • Shrine of Mist Valley (why?)
  • Thunder of Ruler (was a hard-to-find common, I guess)
  • Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan (again, why?)
  • Astral Barrier (they had to make a reference to Astral, I guess :-P )

Note: if no rarity is noted, it's a common

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  1. I lost my shit at Shrine. All of the explanations, but then just "why?" Which is what EVERYBODY was thinking, too!