24 November 2012

Deck Tests - Rabbit is a Beast!

Ever since Rescue Rabbit came out, I wanted to do something with it; something that was no classical Dino Rabbit.

With Rabbit coming out in the tins and the release of Abyss Rising in the TCG, I came up with the following EARTH Rabbit deck (or Beast Rabbit, whatever floats your boat).

Deck Choices

There may be some weird choices in here, but each card has its purpose.

  • Chain Dog: Ever since XYZ came out, this card has become a Beast (and not only literally). When you use Rabbit to get 2 Beasts out, you can revive Chain Dog and turn an XYZ with 2 materials into an XYZ with 3 materials (Shock Master, Vylon Disigma). And since his effect is unlimited, you can revive him as many times, as long as you have 2 Beasts (Daigusto Emeral helps with this).
  • The Vanilla picks for this deck are Mad Dog of Darkness (DARK Beast) and Soul Tiger (EARTH Beast), together with Sabersaurus (EARTH Dino). Mad Dog can be overlayed for Evilswarm Nightmare if necessary; Sabersaurus needs no explanation and Soul Tiger has value because its attack is below 1000...
  • Tannhauser Gate: 2 monsters with 1000 or less attack become pimped. 2 Tour Guides can be turned into Photon Strike Bounzer. 2 Soul Tigers are turned into Thunder End Dragon.
  • Naturia Cherries: When popped by your opponent, you get two more! And if you follow that up with Rabbit, you can sync into either Mist Wurm, or a Hyper Librarian + Naturia Beast/Catastor. Both ways out give you an advantage.
  • Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane: Nothing says surprise more than Kurogane. The moment you figure out what monster your opponent has, you can swap it with another monster from your grave. Did your rabbit get Solemn'd or veiler'd, swap it back, because it's EARTH!

Still playtesting with it, so the deck might end up changing a bit. But this is how I like it at the moment.

When I have more time, I'll give you some more deck tests :-)

Until then, V out.


  1. Did u forget about the vanilla 1900 gladiator beast instead of soul tiger

  2. You mean Andal? Weirdly enough that's not a Beast, but a Beast-Warrior, while Essedarii is a Beast. If Andal was a Beast, I might have tried it.

  3. How is testing going? :)