20 December 2012

Guessing the OCG promo inclusions – Cosmo Blazer edition

Originally, I intended to post this before the product page of Cosmo Blazer came up, but then I got sick last week and Konami was faster than I thought... but enough excuses.

It’s December. In a month, Cosmo Blazer will get its sneak peek in TCG land and since last week, the product page is up. So, it’s time to do some random guesses as what the OCG promo cards (cards 90-99) could be that are integrated in the set (lol).

The product page revealed 3 cards already, of the Fire Fist archetype (I thought they had a high probability of being in the set anyway), so there are 7 cards left.

Since Konami has a tendency to release some random cards in that card pool, guessing only gives me a 60-70% accuracy. But still, it’s fun guessing.

High probability of being in Cosmo Blazer:

  • Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Horse Prince, Spirit and Lion Emperor: I originally put them on the “high probability list” and Konami placed them immediately on the product page, confirming my guess. My original reasoning: These three cards are part of the Fire Fist Archetype (these three started it). So there would be no reason for Konami NOT to put them in the set
  • Ignition Beast Volcanon: I notice this card is on the Wiki page of Cosmo Blazer, but I can’t spot it on the product page. Anyways, it’s FIRE attribute, so it has a decent chance of being in this set. And it fits Konami’s description of a card of the era before XYZ summoning.
  • Number 69: Heraldry deity, Coat of Arms: Key monster of the Heraldic Beast Archetype. Since the last Heraldic Beasts are in this set, it would make sense if this card is in the set (presumably as secret rare).
  • Constellar Omega: Somewhere in February or March Hidden Arsenal 7 will be released (at least I hope so). As with previous Hidden Arsenals, there will be a card in the booster set before its release, linked to the archetypes in that Hidden Arsenal. Constellar Omega fits that bill 100%.

Medium probability of being in Cosmo Blazer:

  • Constellar Sombres & Evilswarm Cercyon: Like Constellar Omega, these two are also linked with the archetypes of Hidden Arsenal 7, so it has a good chance of being part of Cosmo Blazer. But they’re the a few of the latest promo cards in OCG, so I wouldn't be surprised if they’re in the following set (Lord of the Tachyongalaxy) instead. But still, it’s possible.
  • Crimson Blader: Oh, I would so LOVE it if this card would be in this set (I like it). It’s a FIRE attribute, so it goes along with Cosmo Blazer. It also fits the description of cards from the previous era on the product page of Cosmo Blazer. Cross your fingers that this card will be in there.
  • Mono Synchron & Steam Synchron: Advanced Dark & Neo Space were part of the Duelist Edition reprint sets in the OCG and were secret rares in Return of the Duelist. Mono Synchron & Steam Synchron are also part of the Duelist Edition reprint set, so I kind of expect these two cards to get a TCG print soon somewhere. Konami might hold these cards until Legendary Collection 4, but who knows?

Low probability of being in Cosmo Blazer:

  • All cards of the last V-Jump pack: I’m talking about Fire Fist – Chicken, Fire King Beast Yaksha and the three Enthousiastic monsters. All of them are FIRE, all of them are linked to the fire archetypes that will appear… but all of them appeared on the last Jump Alpha poll to decide the next Jump Promo Card. In other words, Konami does NOT have the rights to publish them yet. So, there’s a big chance these cards will not appear in the set, sadly enough
  • Haze Beast Hippogriffo: At first, I thought this card would be a sure hit in this set, but the revelation that this card is going to be in the upcoming OCG structure deck changed my mind. There’s a near 100% chance this will be in the TCG version of the structure deck and thus not in Cosmo Blazer.
  • Alpaca, the Holy Beast of the Forest: Together with Hippogriffo the last cards from the Jump Festa 2012 card packs to be released in TCG, so it has a (low) chance of being in this set. I kind of expected this card in Return of the Duelist, together with the other “Beast of the Forest” cards. But yeah, Konami likes to be unpredictable, huh.
  • Power Tool Mecha Dragon & Ancient Fairy Dragon (manga): Two new cards of the latest Premium Pack in Japan. They’re the manga interpretations of Power Tool Dragon & Ancient Fairy Dragon. These two cards will not be printed in the Zexal Tin in March, so they’ll have another release, somewhere else. Cosmo Blazer may be a little too soon, though. They’ll probably appear in Lord of the Tachyongalaxy instead.

My 10 card picks

The previous mentioned cards are the ones that have a chance of being in Cosmo Blazer. If there are any other cards in the set not mentioned in this list, then those are a pure random Konami decision (like how Magician’s ape and Electromagnetic Bagworm were totally random in Abyss Rising).

If I would have to pick 10 cards, I’d pick:

  1. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Lion Emperor (already confirmed)
  2. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Spirit (already confirmed)
  3. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince (already confirmed)
  4. Number 69: God Medallion, Coat of Arms
  5. Constellar Omega
  6. Constellar Sombres
  7. Evilswarm Cercyon
  8. Crimson Blader
  9. Explosive Beast Volcannon
  10. Alpaca, Holy Beast of the Forest

TCG Exclusives?

Harder than guessing the OCG promo’s would be the TCG world premiere cards. Safe for the Sneak peek card, nobody has ever heard or seen those cards (except Konami employees and the card artists). Guessing would be silly, so just wait and see.

When the set comes out, we’ll see how right (or wrong) I am.

From tomorrow, the armageddon starts (lol), so expect lots of fire...

Until then, V out.


  1. Ignition Beast was mentioned in their PSCT update from a couple of days ago on the Strategy Site, basically confirming it

  2. Ah, I see it :-O
    Thanks, I didn't knew where that one came from.